Complete Wireless Home Security House Alarm System 1 W/auto-dialer
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Product Description

American Bulldog Home Security House Alarm system w. Automatic Dialer is digitalized and works with land lines and VOIP calling out to Sim cards, cellphones. pagers, landlines and VOIP. Self-Monitoring with six preprogrammed call out numbers and message. Dual power systems-regular and battery backup for reliable functioning. Complete home security alarm system with Pet Immune & Standard PIR Motion detectors, door & window sensors, glass break sensors, combustible gas detectors, wireless smoke detectors, CO2 detectors,strobe sirens and wireless outdoor sirens, wireless door chimes. Remote and long distance operational control. Full functioned. Comparable to systems hundreds of dollars more. Built-in Professional Contact feature that allows you to work with professional monitoring services. Anti-Interference Defense. Phone line Anti-Disconnect & Cut Defense. Remote Control Anti-Loss Protectiondefenseless. Sensor Specific Alarm Display Thirty Two Defense Zones Programmable Entrance and Exit Delay Time Dual Programmed Number System: Regular and Professional with Ademco International Contact ID function. Individualized defense zone programming Continual premises monitoring by phone Dual remote control modalies by controller & phone Downloadable User Manual Written in American English. Clear, concise simple and easy to follow Step by step instructions on every aspect of the security system. User manual download link. User Manual can never be lost. Notice to Buyers The American Bulldog Wireless Digital Alarm System will alert neighbors with siren and call out to the police and pre-designated others [including Professional Monitoring Centers]. This system qualifies you to receive discounts on GEICO homeowners insurance as well as many others

Customer Reviews:

  • works well,...but
    Our system was priced well and relatively easy to install despite some confusion in the instructions, and seems to work well so far. We have tested all functions in all of the units after installation, and they work even without the antennae raised, even over three floors and on opposite ends of the house. Also, the units work even if you can't mount the sensor and magnet/contact exactly side by side. Some of ours are on slightly different planes and the system still works when the sensors bypass each other as a door is opened slightly.

    We did recieve one sensor that had the antennae off. It was easily soldered and repaired. That wasn't a big deal for us under the circumstances, but it could easily bother others. It was not apparent why this defect was not caught. Also, the description in writing and pictured as to what we expected to receive wasn't what we got. We feel that that this could be clearer. We thought we were getting the anti pet sensors but our system only included 2 standard motion sensors. In the end, we are satisfied with what we got and how it works, so we haven't made a big fuss but we did call to let the seller know what we thought and we are posting this comment.

    We'd consider buying this system again,for another location we own,despite the forgoing. The price is good and it works well so far....more info
  • Manage your own home security!
    This item was just what I had been looking for when the system I had been using for the last 10 years finally petered out. Oddly, you can't find home security at Best Buy, Wal*Mart, Lowes or even Radio Shack any more. For home security you have to go one of those specialized dealers that offers complete home security which involves a high monthly subscription to a monitoring center. If you want a reasonably priced system that you can monitor yourself from a cell phone without the high cost and monitoring fee this is the one for you. In this package you get more sensors than most home owners require and you have the option of whether you plug in the high pitched noise/light alarm or whether you choose silent monitoring. There's a downloadable intruction manual that's easy to understand. There's some programming involved which is standard for these devices. The kit includes a panic button on a keychain if you live alone and want to secure the parimeter from the inside. I've run the system for a couple of weeks now with no problems. The cost is well worth the peace of mind. ...more info
  • Advanced level of wireless security in small, attractive console design
  • All digital, high-value consumer features and built in quality
  • Choose whether you want to use a monitoring service or simply have it call your phone, pager or pol
  • Expandable -a wide variety of options & accessories available
  • 32 defense zones*no wiring* easy set-up and simple to use*customer support