Wireless Home security House Alarm System w/Auto-Dialer 5A
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Product Description

American Bulldog Home Security House Alarm system w. Automatic Dialer is digitalized and works with land lines and VOIP calling out to Sim cards, cellphones. pagers, landlines and VOIP. Self-Monitoring with six preprogrammed call out numbers and message. Dual power systems-regular and battery backup for reliable functioning. Complete home security alarm system with Pet Immune & Standard PIR Motion detectors, door & window sensors, glass break sensors, combustible gas detectors, wireless smoke detectors, CO2 detectors,strobe sirens and wireless outdoor sirens, wireless door chimes. Remote and long distance operational control. Full functioned. Comparable to systems hundreds of dollars more. Built-in Professional Contact feature that allows you to work with professional monitoring services. Anti-Interference Defense. Phone line Anti-Disconnect & Cut Defense. Remote Control Anti-Loss Protectiondefenseless. Sensor Specific Alarm Display Thirty Two Defense Zones Programmable Entrance and Exit Delay Time Dual Programmed Number System: Regular and Professional with Ademco International Contact ID function. Individualized defense zone programming Continual premises monitoring by phone Dual remote control modalies by controller & phone Downloadable User Manual Written in American English. Clear, concise simple and easy to follow Step by step instructions on every aspect of the security system. User manual download link. User Manual can never be lost. Notice to Buyers The American Bulldog Wireless Digital Alarm System will alert neighbors with siren and call out to the police and pre-designated others [including Professional Monitoring Centers]. This system qualifies you to receive discounts on GEICO homeowners insurance as well as many others WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM COMPONENTS Wireless Home Security House Alarm system with automatic dialer: 32 defense zones guarded by 7 motion detectors(pet immune detectors available), smoke detector, combustible

Customer Reviews:

  • good home alarm system
    This is a good home alarm system that is inexpensive. The directions were a little vague, but anyone should be able to figure them out. The wireless alarm is supposed to come with an emmitter but I did not receive one. One of the motion detectors kept sending false alarms, fortunately I did not need it. All in all though, an easy to use system....more info
  • Advanced level of wireless security in small, attractive console design
  • All digital, high-value consumer features and built in quality
  • Choose whether you want to use a monitoring service or simply have it call your phone, pager or pol
  • Expandable -a wide variety of options & accessories available
  • 32 defense zones*no wiring* easy set-up and simple to use*customer support