Wireless Flash Trigger kit 1 Channel
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Product Description

The wireless flash trigger connects your flash light to your digital camera. No more tripping over cables. This cost-saving kit includes a hot shoe mount transmitter and a receiver that work within a range of up to 80' (25m), cable adaptors and all required batteries. All kit components (excluding batteries) are covered by a comprehensive 1 year "no questions asked" replacement warranty.

Customer Reviews:

    I had been pricing remote triggers systems for weeks and this was the best price I came across. In fact it was such a good price I almost passed it up for some kind of scam. But I did not and am I glad I did buy it. It works wonderfully! As of this writing I have used it in 3 shoots and it has worked flawlessly. If you are in the market for this technology you are looking at a great buy....more info
  • Kit includes various connectors
  • Comes with comprehensive 1 year "no questions asked" component replacement warranty