Eikon Digital Privacy Manager (USB fingerprint reader) - works with Firefox, Windows Vista, and now Mac
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Product Description

The Eikon(TM) Digital Privacy Manager combines the award-winning Eikon USB peripheral fingerprint reader with the same Protector Suite QL software currently shipping on millions of notebook PCs today. The Eikon addresses the growing need for a simpler and more secure way to protect important personal information from threats such as phishing, password dictionary attacks, and malicious software. Rather than using simple or redundant passwords on multiple sites, PC users can now choose complex passwords and let the Eikon remember them automatically! For Mac users, the Eikon provides a quick and secure method of unlocking Keychain; which allows them to manage usernames and passwords, digital certificates, keys, and private notes. In addition to easier access to their growing number of password-protected web accounts, PC users also enjoy the following benefits by simply swiping their finger: 1) Respond to Windows? Vista(TM) UAC requests to enter an administrator password for tasks such as software installations or configuration changes; 2) Quickly and Securely logon to a computer; 3) Lock/unlock a computer and rapidly switch between user accounts; 4) Launch favorite applications by assigning specific fingers for each one. The Eikon fingerprint reader won the prestigious Consumer Electronics Association (CES) Best of Innovations Award in 2007. The bundled Protector Suite for Mac and Protector Suite QL software is compatible with Mac Leopard and Windows Vista, XP Home and Professional, 2003 and 2000 operating systems respectively. WARNING: This product does not support Apple Open Directory. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $54.99. Price at Amazon: $49.99.

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly Recommended
    Eikon Digital Privacy Manager a nice solution to the ever-growing password problems. The design, ease of use and functionality (access password protected sites, logon, lock/unlock, encrypt file folders, launch application and switch users) make it a worthy addition to your PC security.

    It's a great solution for handling the ever increasing number of User ID's and passwords that are part of using a computer today.

    No longer do I have to hunt for passwords, I just swipe my finger....more info
  • Don's Review

    LOS ANGELES, CA...more info
  • High Security with a wish-list
    Great looking, great working Fingerprint reader. I'm on a MAC. It sets up a beautiful fingerprint scan screen for login. It will also prompt you to swipe your finger when MAC normally requests a password. The program could use a password memory addition for other programs. Considering everything, I'd still purchase this product again. Recommended....more info
  • Works great on a domain!
    Several months ago I got a new laptop through work with a fingerprint reader on it and I became instantly sold on the technology. I thought it would be a simple thing to go get a couple of fingerprint readers for my home computers that my family could use to easily switch accounts. I went online and purchased a Microsoft reader with almost no prior research and was rewarded with a product that did not work at all for what I needed.

    At this point, let me describe how I am using this:
    1) My PCs all attach to a Windows domain - so I obviously need something that will log into a domain and the MS product doesn't even log into local accounts if the system is joined to a domain.
    2) My kids all share a single computer and they log into it locally since I'm using the parental controls in Vista. So, I also need a product that will log into local accounts.
    3) I don't run under an administrator account, so I wanted something that would also work with Vista's UAC.

    After being disappointed with the Microsoft product, I did some research and found the DigitalPersona products. It is hard to describe how hard it is to get real answers for how their products work so I made the jump and bought one to evaluate it. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a very painful experience and I found out that it is possible to get burned by some of the Amazon merchants:(. Let me just point out here that I did talk to a tech support guy at DigitalPersona (through e-mail) and he actually recommended that I take the fingerprint reader back and get the Microsoft product unless I was willing to buy at least 10 licenses - at which point they would answer my questions.

    At this point I was just about ready to give up when I stumbled across this Upek Eikon fingerprint reader. I ordered it, feeling somewhat skeptical, but was very pleasantly surprised.

    I have really had no problems with this product, and found that:
    1) It works for everyone in the family, right down to my 7 year old daughter with really small fingers. (I did limit their enrollment to their index and middle fingers on both hands because they had problems getting a good read on the remaining fingers - adults don't seem to have that problem.)
    2) It works equally well with active directory accounts as with local accounts.
    3) It works very well with user switching - I just swipe my finger when another user is logged in and it switches to my account.
    4) It works great with UAC (User Access Control) in Vista. It makes the technology almost bearable.
    5) The software is very easy to use and to understand.

    I feel like I've rambled on long enough but I'm not sure this product description really does it justice. It is half the price of the comparable DigitalPersona products (that don't work) - and it really works perfectly!

    The only area I won't comment on is the password manager stuff since I really haven't set that up. At some point I will, but I mostly was looking for a good way to log into Windows.

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Fingerprint Reader
    I ordered one and liked it so well I ordered a second one six days later.
    Excellent product would be hard to live without now....more info
  • easy to use, works great!
    I have this product built-in my laptop and it was good to know that there is a similar one that I can use for my desktop. It works as advertised, no hassle, easy to use. The best feature I liked most is the ability to "register" IDs and passwords. I just wished they had a cover for the device when it is not in use so it does not accumulate dust. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product....more info
  • A Ways to Go!
    As a technology professional, particularly in the IT field, and as a past project and implementation manager on various public safety projects, I am very familiar with AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Ident. System) and I suppose that technology is what I was erronously thinking the Eikon product used - not so. In the time it took to "get it just right", I could have entered authentication credentials a multitude of places many times before I could get the Eikon to "take" an entry. There seems to be too many conditions that have to be just perfect before it works as intended. For example, damp fingers, slightly dirty fingers, a film of lotion (no matter how small and invisible), not enough pressure, too much pressure, too fast a swipe, all those variables and more cause the h/w not to accept input. I'd love to have one of these but my personal and professional experience tells me they've got a ways to go before this is practical and makes sense to the run of the mill user. Go back to the design table folks and I'd love to have one..as I am sure many others would. You've got to take into better account the conditions variability amongst multitudes of everyday/casual users. Thanks G. Jones...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    My Aunt recently turned 80 and she's starting to have difficulties remembering all her different User ID's and Passwords ... online banking, online shopping, medicare, health insurance, etc, etc, etc. So, after a little research, I decided to give this thing a try.

    The bottom line... it works GREAT!

    In fact, I was so impressed with it that I bought one for myself and I expect other family members will find one of these in their Christmas stocking this year.

    It's a great solution for handling the ever increasing number of User ID's and passwords that are part of using a computer today. It couldn't be easier with this device.

    We're using it on Windows XP systems and it worked flawlessly. If you use Firefox 3, which we do, you'll need to download an add-on to get it to work properly, but that was very easy to do.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...more info
  • Great Device !!!
    The install for this was a simple as it gets. Very straight forward setup of the reader, and I had both operating systems of my dual-boot (winXP Pro and Vista Ultimate) system up an running with just a fingerprint logon in no time.
    The device works flawlessly and I've had no glitches whatsoever!
    I highly recommend this gizmo for anyone looking for a biometric logon device.

    ...more info
  • Incredible Fingerprint Reader
    I have tried the Microsoft, APC, Dell, and Omnipass fingerprint readers.

    While the hardware is mediocre, the software is garbage.

    Vista support is rare, Vista x64 support is ubelievably rare, and Windows 2008 support is non-existant.

    Microsoft's own fingerprint reader wont properly support Windows Server 2008 or 64 bit.

    On the other handm the Eikon /Upek solution is fantastic.

    The hardware is made from aluminum instead of plastic and has a nice sturdy feel. However its the software that makes this solution stand out as "best of breed"

    Not only does it support 64 bit and Vista and Windows 2008 Server, but it supports 2 factor and 3 factor authentication as well.

    When you run the software, your first impression is WOW. The user experience is fantastic. It installs perfectly, its very intuitive and is very visually appealing.

    It looks and feels like they really spent a lot of time on polishing the sofware.

    If you are looking for a fingerprint solution, this is it.

    Im so happy with my purchase that I just threw out my Microsoft and APC readers and I deleted my Omnipass software(that I had to pay extra for)

    My new christmas wish is to get this reader built-in to a keyboard for my office PC.

    Bottom line: I give it 12 out of 10. I bonus point for broad OS support and 1 bonus point for "exceeding expectations"...more info
  • Works as stated
    This makes verifying the user so much easier. Works great on a Mac. Fast user switching really is FAST! ...more info
  • Very handy device.
    I have one of these fingerprint scanners on my laptop at work, and use it daily. I liked it so much that I did some searching, found, and bought the Eikon for use with my desktop PC at home. It works just as advertised, and makes it super simple to log on to both your computer and on to websites. Amazon had by far, the best price, and coupled with the free shipping and great service we've all come to expect from Amazon, it was a deal that couldn't be beat....more info
  • Eikon Fingerprint Scanner
    I purchased the Eikon Privacy Manager fingerprint scanner to use with my MacBook Pro. The software install was quick and easy with no problems using Mac OS-X.5.2. Also, configuring the software was a snap, choosing whichever digit I wanted was super easy, and adding other users is available, too.
    I selected this device based on my need to keep my data secure from prying eyes and have found that it does exactly what it is advertised to do on my laptop.
    The single issue that has arisen is that I still, sometimes, forget to plug in the scanner module before starting the laptop. When I do this, it offers me the regular sign-in process or a chance to retry with the scanner inserted. That is my fault entirely and I am trying to make it my regular startup procedure to plug in before starting up....more info
  • Mac users beware!
    Eikon Digital Privacy Manager (USB fingerprint reader) - works with Firefox, Windows Vista, and now Mac

    I don't know how well this works with Windows but to say it is made for Macs is a farce. Macworld magazine recommended it and that confuses me. I called Upek and they admitted that it's "not as useful" for Macs. I asked if they had plans to improve and update the Mac function. He said probably but he's not sure when. This is not good enough for me. I got a refund. ...more info
  • Works Flawlessly, No complaints.
    This product is excellent. Works exactly as described for windows pc's. Integrates seamlessly into Vista and software update to make compatible with Firefox 3 was released a day after Firefox released the new version. Encryption is quick and easy and works with any and all password fields including ones not in a web browser. For example, works with passwords in Excel and Adobe Acrobat.

    I have no complaints other than I wish I bought this long ago. Easy to use, easy and quick to setup, accurate when reading fingerprint. None of this swipe again nonsense.

    A definite convenience and reliable product. Another plus is, it is small enough to carry around with a laptop but big enough for large fingers. ...more info
  • Great time saver
    It works great from the start. It keeps tab of the pages I go to and ask to save the password. From thereon when I go to these pages I just scan my finger and I'm logged in.

    It would be great if it could have a portable version that could be used wherever you go...You have to install the software to your PC. You can tote it around with your laptop. I've seen some laptops that comes with it integrated.

    Now I can create better cryptic passwords and not worry about forgetting them....more info
  • Eikon Fingerprint Reader
    A much better system than the microsoft type of reader. I had a little trouble getting it to work on my 64 bit system but got good support from the company. Otherwise easy to use and to set up....more info
  • Great fingerprint device if you need one
    Currently using it on Vista 32-bit Business, and I haven't had any issues with it. I use it to login instead of typing in my password, as well as storing all my password logins for various websites. For the most part, the software is pretty decent, can't really complain. As for the fingerprint reader itself, it's pretty accurate. It's far better than the fingerprint readers I've used in the past, it can take your fingerprint even if you swipe it relatively quickly, as long as you have full contact with it. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it....more info
  • Works great on a Mac
    Finally!!! A bulletproof fingerprint reader for the Mac!!!

    I've always envied my PC friends when it comes to biometric options... until I got my Eikon.

    Now, whenever the authentication screen on the Mac pops up, I get Eikon's fingerprint auth screen instead and I can just swipe my finger and go on my merry way. Their programmers also adopted the Mac minimalist ethic and implemented the Protector Suite consistent with the Mac "it just works!" experience.

    They've been also very proactive and have continued updating their Mac software solution. v1.2 just came out June 25, (FYI, v1.0 came out Feb 2008), and UPEK continues to improve Protector Suite. In the latest iteration, they now even display the icon and the name of the app requesting authentication. Nice!

    Upek is also very responsive. I was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me when I sent some suggestions thru their support webform.

    Now if only they'd come up with an Expresscard solution so I can have the fingerprint reader onboard just tucked away in the little used Expresscard slot on my MBP and just pop the fingerprint sensor whenever I need it......more info