Wireless PC Lock USB Device
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Product Description

The wireless PC lock automatically secures your PC whenever you leave 10 feet away from your PC. This product includes a USB receiver and a tiny RF transmitter. Install the software to your PC first, plug in the USB receiver; turn on the transmitter and receiver will automatically connected with the transmitter. You can setup background picture and password. Put the transmitter in your pocket, wallet or key chain. The computer automatically 'locks' the keyboard, preventing access, when the transmitter is out of range. When the transmitter returns within range the computer 'unlocks'. ///Most asked FAQs: 1. What happened if I unplug the receiver when the computer is in "lock" mode? The computer will continue to be in "lock" status unless manually inputting password or plugging receiver and bringing transmitter in range 2. What if I lost the transmitter and forget password when the computer is in "lock' mode? You can reboot your computer and log in using your windows username and password 3. Why my desktop doesn't recognize the receiver? The receiver works on all the USB ports of laptop and only works on the USB ports in the back of desktop PC. The USB extension cable could be used for the desktop application. one year warranty, 30 days "no-question-asked" return policy

  • Automatically secure keyboard, mouse and screen when the user (with transmitter) walks away
  • Automatically unlock keyboard, mouse and screen when the user come back within range
  • Protect your privacy without the need of locking your PC manually and inputting password
  • Password override can unlock your PC if the transmitter is lost or unavailable
  • Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista; Battery included