Leviton ODC0S-I1W Self-Contained Ceiling-Mount Occupancy Sensor and Switching Relay (1000W @ 120V)
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Product Description

COMMERCIAL GRADE CEILING-MOUNT PIR OCCUPANCY SENSOR: The Leviton PIR Occupancy Sensor is the perfect solution for when you just want to be sure that no one will have to struggle to find a switch in a darkened storage area or work space. This Leviton PIR Occupancy Sensor is self-contained, ideally suited to enclosed spaces, and it does not require a separate relay unit to switch lights ON and OFF.

  • Sensor and switching relay in one unit - eliminates need for additional control unit for power or switching
  • 360-degree field of view with approximately 530 sq. ft. of coverage when mounted at 8 ft. This reduces the number of additional sensors typically required in many spaces.
  • Adjustable Delayed OFF time setting between 20 seconds and 15 minutes allows custom adjustment for maximum savings.
  • An ambient light override option can be set between .5 and 500+ foot candles and full brightness to prevent the sensor from switching lights ON when ample natural sunlight is available.
  • A standard A/C toggle switch may be used to provide manual ON/OFF override so that lights may be switched OFF during presentations