80-Disc One Touch CD/DVD Storage Box, Filing System
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# General Features: # Silver casing with black drawer # Built-in lock for privacy # Space saving design permits huge quantity storage # Easy to open/close with one touch # Holds up to 80 CDs or DVDs # Stackable # Weighted for stability when drawer is open, even if it is completely full # Filing labels are included for CD classification # No batteries needed # Unique design ensures motion device works smoothly, slowly and silently The One Touch Storage Box features a space-saving design and huge disk storage capacity. At the touch of a button, the loaded drawer smoothly glides out for easy access so you can efficiently organize and store your CDs/DVDs. Includes easy-to read labels and clear hanging pockets for as many as 80 disks and the boxes are designed to stack securely together, ensuring this storage solution grows with your disk collection! This versatile storage solution features grooves on the top of the box for easy stacking with additional One Touch Storage Boxes. Order yours today!

  • One Touch button to activate motion device which glides the drawer out
  • Unique Patented design ensures motion device works smoothly slowly and silently.
  • Space Efficiency - 80 CD/CD-R/DVD/VCD
  • Easy to Search,Two (2) keys, 40 CD/DVD sleeves
  • Stackable, 7.15 x 7.15 x 9 (H x W x D, approximate)