Hawking HRPC2 HomeRemote Pro Wireless Night Vision Camera
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Customer Reviews:

  • Worst Product Ever Purchased
    The hardest part of this review will be keeping it short when so many things are wrong with this product. I purchased a camera, a gateway, a wall plug module, and a motion detector. It was a 4 evening of fighting with the setup to get everything partially working. Then after two days everything quit working. I have to completely reconfigure all products. Then once again after a couple of days, I had the same problem. I spent more time reconfiguring only to have it happen a third time. Camera could not be found, the motion detector did not work and the web based software could not see the gateway.
    During the time that the system was working, it was only partially working. Features like the motion detection of the camera and actions by the web based software was supposed to send me Email if an event was triggered. That never happened. Tech support was useless. Night time tech support takes you to a 3rd party tech support that can solve no problems and tells you that you have to call during the day. I call daytime and asked a simple question about what a field in the camera setup called "Split By" was supposed to do and they could not answer that and told me to send in email. And as you might guess my email was never answered. The only other answer I got from daytime tech was the server was having software problem wait until Monday. Well it did start working on Monday for 2 days.
    So here are my complaints:
    Bad Tech Support,
    Server Software has problems,
    Documentation is too brief.
    All product that I purchased were unreliable,
    Once configured, things will quit working and when you try to correct everything quits working.
    Not all features would work at anytime.
    I have quit, I am no longer trying to make these product work.
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  • Wireless Video Camera with Night Vision for Use with HomeRemote Pro Home Automation System
  • Using an internet web browser or your internet enabled cell phone view live video of your home or business
  • Pro-level subscription required for remote video viewing
  • Great for parents, business owners, seniors, and conservationists
  • Compatible with any module or sensor featuring using Z-Wave technology