Always under surveillance

Like a street boxer out to pick a fight, Chuck Banaszewski squares off against a television monitor inside the Lattie F. Coor Hall Computing Commons. It's a Friday morning in April [2004], and his surveillance camera theater is attracting attention. People whisper and peek over their computers as Banaszewski -- broad shouldered with spiked, black hair, square-rimmed glasses and dark eyes -- clutches an empty picture frame. He's wearing a white T-shirt with the word "protestor" emblazoned in black, capital letters across his chest.

"What are you protesting?" asks Sara Stow, a mass communication and theatre freshman. "I protest a lot of things," he responds. Banaszewski is a Ph.D. candidate in ASU's fine arts department. He also directs the Arizona Surveillance Camera Players, a theater group he founded in 2001 to protest the use of cameras in public space.

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