American Dynamics Introduces Intellex IP Video System

San Diego, CA -- American Dynamics, part of the Tyco Fire & Security Access Control and Video Systems business unit, has introduced Intellex IP (Internet Protocol), an enhanced digital video management system that provides support for IP based video surveillance devices, as well as double the frame capacity and twice the resolution of the current Intellex system. Early Intellex IP users are expected to be industries that require the flexibility and cost savings of IP, greater resolution and performance such as the gaming industry, campuses, and government facilities.

Intellex IP, which began shipping February 28, uses video servers and digital video cameras transmitting video over an IP network instead of analog cameras over coaxial cables. Importantly, analog cameras can easily be incorporated into an Intellex IP system by using a video server that converts the analog signal to a digital signal.

"The real value of the system is shown in the way Intellex IP seamlessly integrates into an existing Intellex system," said Paul Piccolomini, vice president of research and development for Tyco's Access Control and Video Systems strategic business unit. "Current Intellex customers will be able to leverage their prior investment while gaining the speed and flexibility of IP video."

Intellex IP-which is just one-quarter the chassis size of the previous Intellex system-provides several key benefits, including reduced cabling costs, widespread camera distribution across a wide campus, and greater flexibility to scale to large, high-performance video surveillance systems. By using a combination of wireless and wired IP technology, customers are able to look at a widely dispersed area and monitor events from a single source.

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