Applications: Miami Airport uses ADT technology
Applications: Miami Airport uses ADT technology

Feb 1, 2000 12:00 PM

ADT Security Services Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., has developed a new aviation security technology at Miami International Airport called Qcontrol. The system integrates airport security technologies to maximize public traffic flow, promote industry compliance and heighten overall security. Miami International is the first airport in the world to install ADT's new system for monitoring inbound and outbound public traffic.

BagScan, a baggage reconciliation system provided by Lufthansa Systems Division North America, East Meadow, N.Y., is now being used at Terminal Five in O'Hare International Airport, Chicago. The wireless system links directly to an airline's check-in system and uses barcode technology to receive, compare and match passengers' boarding and baggage data. It was specified by Societe Internationale De Telecommunications Aeronautiques, Chicago, providers of information and integrated telecommunications solutions and value- added services for airport management, air transport and travel industries.

Intelli-Site Inc., Irving, Texas, has formed a strategic alliance with AATEL Communications Inc., Hamil- ton, Ontario, Canada, to offer Intelli-Site NT systems integration products to hospitals, corrections facilities, government and large corporate facilities.

Pratt Management Co., Longmont, Colo., is using Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Ilco Unican's System 800, to secure its shop facilities.

Extreme CCTV's EX45 Hi-Impact Dome camera was installed in Britain's Millennium Dome to provide security during the Millennium Experience, a festival of events to bring in the year 2000. Extreme CCTV is based in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

DuPage County, Ill., has awarded a contract to Nestor Traffic Systems Inc., Providence, R.I., for its Rail CrossingGuard automated rail crossing enforcement system.

Sixty cameras from Dedicated Micros Inc., Reston, Va., have been installed inside the 911 building in downtown Brooklyn, N.Y., which houses the city's police call center in the Metrotech Centre. The cameras are recorded and controlled by a networked System Sprite multiplexer installation. Thirty more cameras have been installed outside the Metrotech Centre, watching a wide area covering banking, stock exchange and the Board of Education buildings as well as the nearby city fire department.

Johnson Controls Inc., Milwaukee, will install all building systems specified for the installation of mech- anical and electrical systems for The Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee. Johnson Controls will install the fire, security, air conditioning and lighting controls. The company will also service and maintain the systems for 15 years. In addition, Johnson Controls will install a data network system from Lucent Technologies. An in-building wireless local area network (LAN), the system provides high-speed connect- ivity to personal computers such as laptops and printers. A wireless LAN offers additional flexibility and mobility, according to the company.

Newham, England, has taken a high-tech approach to fighting crime by using surveillance cameras bolstered by FaceIt Surveillance, the face recognition technology developed by Visionics Corp., Jersey City, N. J. The CCTV cameras monitor strategic locations throughout the borough, feeding video images to FaceIt. Images are processed and matched against a computer database of suspects and known criminals. Police are alerted when a match is made. Visionics' FaceIt is also being used by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The Israeli government has awarded EDS and its consortium partners a contract to develop and install an automatic biometric border crossing system.

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