Convex Mirror Camera

This innovative new product combines a see-through convex mirror with a built-in high resolution hidden micro video security camera. The mirror provides a commanding view of hard to watch areas, while the virtually undetectable video camera gives you an unbeatable camera view. The mirror is made of lightweight, easy to install, unbreakable acrylic. It is 20 percent brighter than glass and light loss to the camera is less than 1 f-stop. The hidden video security camera has electronic shutter, 0.1 lux low light ability and operates on 12 volts DC with included power supply.

Comes with power supply, 100 foot RG-59 cable with BNC connectors, mounting bracket and 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

  • 1/3" B/W CCD
  • 410 lines of resolution
  • 0.5 lux low light rating
  • 8-15 volts DC, 150ma
  • 1.5" W x 1.5" H x 1.1" D

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