Direct Mail in a Slow Market is Dealerships Best Bet

As the Big 3 auto makers see a slump in sales, aggressive dealerships are ramping up with direct mail like never before.

April 16, 2005 -- Dealers are realizing tremendous results and finding that direct mail advertising continues to be the most effective and trackable advertising solution available while providing an immediate impact on sales. In an ever tightening car market, that's welcome news to dealerships who have been held captive by over priced local newspaper and radio.

A recent survey by Vertis Customer Focus found the following:

*37% of male automotive direct mail readers visited a dealership.
*39% of female readers visited a dealership after receiving an offer.

In addition to direct visits, high percentages of readers took action by visiting the website or calling the phone number in the direct mail offer., a provider of Automotive Direct Mail services, facilitates the tracking process of direct mail campaigns with toll free tracking, caller id, and specialized websites that allow direct and in-direct contact for their customers. This system generates more leads and better follow-up than a direct mail campaign alone and allows the dealership to effectively determine the cost per sale of each campaign. Volume mailing allows to provide 100,000 piece Automotive Direct Mail sales to auto dealerships for $5995.

In spite of the down-turn in sales, dealerships are utilizing direct mail to lower costs and sell more cars. provides automotive direct mail campaigns along with internet advertising and auto sales training services. Learn more at or call 888-44-UPBUS

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