Edgewood Schools Get Security Camera Systems
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A monitor displays all of the school's security cameras at once

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Bruce Agee

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One of the security cameras

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Babeck School


The Edgewood City School District is in the process of installing security cameras in all of its schools, part of a district plan to increase school security.

Now, children walking the halls of Babeck Elementary are never out of someone's sight.

"I'm glad they're in there," said parent Jerri Goodwin.

The security cameras serve in part as a security blanket -- not for kids -- but for their parents.

"I'm not just a teacher, I'm also a parent and I feel great about having them here and how safe they are," said Babeck Elementary School teacher Laura Channell.

"I have three kids in a different school. At this school, security makes me more comfortable," said parent Sharon Haas.

A camera keeps watch just a few feet from Laura Channell's third grade classroom at Babeck Elementary.

A large monitor at the school has a split screen, showing all of the school's cameras, something that helps police if a problem was to arise.

"If something's going on, someone's going to know it quickly," said Bruce Agee of the Trenton Police.

Besides keeping people inside the school safe, it could also keep them on their toes. The school suffered $60,000 in vandalism damage just a few months before the cameras were installed. There have been no problems since.

"When people are monitored or know there's a camera in place they tend to behave better," explains Jim Patrick of the Edgewood City Schools.

The city's high school is the next building on the list to have cameras installed.

Patrick said he hopes that installation of cameras will begin by the end of this school year.

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