IP Camera is remotely managed and controlled

Vicon Introduces Its New IP Camera

Hauppauge, NY, January 10, 2005....Vicon Industries Inc. is proud to introduce a new addition to the ViconNet line, the VN-755IP camera. The VN-755IP IP Camera is a powerful IP video source for a complete digital video management system based on ViconNet software platform. It is fully compatible with all ViconNet systems and is remotely managed and controlled from ViconNet workstations and Kollector Elite recorders. The IP camera provides 4 video channels, 3 external analog video inputs in addition to the camera itself.

Equipped with a 100 Mbps LAN interface board, the camera allows direct plug-in to a network switch. Images received from the IP camera and the other external cameras connected to its external inputs can be displayed, recorded or archived like any other ViconNet video component using the ViconNet management platform.

The VN-755IP combines excellent picture quality with advanced features. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) control offers crisp lines and detail reproduction. The CCD device has over 380,000 pixels (440,000 PAL), providing a sharp color image with accurate color rendition. A minimum scene illumination of 0.05 footcandles (0.5 lux) provides usable video output at f/1.2, 25 IRE, incandescent lighting. Horizontal resolution is 480 TV lines. The VN-755IP accepts DC-drive (CS-G) lenses. A 4-pin connector is provided. All controls and connectors are conveniently located either on the rear panel or side. Synchronization is line locking; multiple cameras can be synchronized using the line-lock function.

The VN-755IP accepts CS-mount or C-mount lenses. A fully isolated power input provides stable images when the VN-755IP is used on a common power supply with other cameras.

Vicon Industries Inc., listed on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol "VII," designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of products used in integrated video surveillance systems. Vicon's product line consists of cameras, a full line of lenses, monitors, mounting accessories, remote positioning devices, VCRs, consoles, and systems. The company's products are used in a variety of surveillance, security, safety, and control applications, in banks, gaming casinos, traffic control, hospitals, retailing, multiple commercial and industrial installations, etc. For more information regarding Vicon, visit us at www.vicon-cctv.com.
IP Camera is remotely managed and controlled.
IP Camera is remotely managed and controlled.

January 12, 2005 08:03 - Based on ViconNet software platform, Model VN-755IP provides 4 video channels and 3 external analog video inputs. Images received from camera can be displayed, recorded, or archived. Equipped with 100 Mbps LAN interface board, camera allows direct plug-in to network switch. CCD device has over 380,000 pixels, providing sharp color image. Minimum scene illumination of 0.05 ftc provides usable video output at f/1.2, 25 IRE, incandescent lighting.


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Kenneth Darby
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Company Information:
Name: Vicon Industries Inc.
Address: 89-T Arkay Dr.
City: Hauppauge
State: NY
ZIP: 11788
Country: USA
Phone: 800-229-1996
FAX: 631-951-2288

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