Kodak Express to Sell GetData Software Company Digital Photo and Video Recovery Software

GetData Software Company, the Australian software development company, has signed a deal for the sale of its RecoverMyPhotos and ExplorerView products through 200 Kodak Express stores across Australia.

January 23, 2005 -- RecoverMyPhotos and ExplorerView will be bundled together and will be delivered into Kodak Express stores at end of the start of the second week of December by distributor PhotoThings. RecoverMyPhotos is a digital image, video and sound recovery tool.

RecoverMyPhotos will recover from Flash, Memory Stick, Smart Media or other storage media, including PC hard drives. It will also recover movie and sound files such as AVI, MPEG, MOV and WAV. RecoverMyPhotos displays the list of recovered files and previews pictures for selection and saving.

The Kodak Express Group said today they see the GetData Software Company products as an important offering to consumers at a retail level for two reasons - One, to satisfy the needs of the burgeoning numbers of digital camera users; and two, to provide dealers with a solution so as to maintain their "one-stop-shop" offering to the public for all of their photographic and imaging requirements.

"We're delighted. It's a great break for us and excellent timing with the school holidays coming and the use of digital cameras skyrocketing daily," GetData Software Company director Graham Henley said today.

"RecoverMyPhotos works with most types of direct camera connections where your media card appears as a drive letter on your PC. If your camera is not displayed as a drive letter when connected to your PC you can use a digital camera card reader.

"There is no technical skill required to recover deleted photos. RecoverMyPhotos will recover from Flash, Memory Stick, Smart Media or other storage media, including PC hard drives. Recovered photos then simply need to be saved to separate drive (e.g. 'C') from the card on which they were recovered.."

RecoverMyPhotos has wide application across many business sectors: Retail estate agents, professional photographers, medical research, science laboratories, building and construction sector, government departments including property management, parks and gardens and engineering, graphic arts studios and security.
GetData Software Company's Explorer View is a time saving tool that allows you to search for and "preview" the right file in Windows Explorer - including photos and video.

It is a simple, easy to use tool that does away with the annoying and time consuming opening and closing of files until you find the right one. With one click you can quickly check a photo, text, name and address, dates or particular reference and cut and paste directly from the preview window into new or existing documents.

"You simply run your cursor over your files in Explorer and a viewing window displaying the file opens instantly," GetData Software Company director Graham Henley explained. "ExplorerView works with Word, Excel PDF and HTML files and allows you to play music and video files from Windows Explorer."

"For our retailers we see Recover My Photos as a great opportunity to make added margin from an "add on" to either a camera or memory card sale, and turn customers who may have had a bad early experience with digital photo's into dedicated digital converts," Craig Jackson, Product Manager for PhotoThings added.

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