Marketrend to Use Cognos Reporting Platform

Advanced automotive CRM reporting to provide data analysis capabilities using Cognos BI

Toronto, ON April 8, 2005 -- Marketrend Interactive announced today that customers will be able to capitalize on Cognos' Business Intelligence (BI) solutions C including strong data reporting and analysis from Cognos ReportNet and Cognos PowerPlay C in its powerful, next-generation automotive CRM reporting and marketing tools.

Marketrend, an automotive consulting and marketing services company, provides built-in return on investment (ROI) reporting for all of its marketing and CRM programs. Cognos BI will enhance existing reports with more detail and flexibility, as well as allowing for improved data analysis and real-time dashboards for its auto dealer customers.

"In addition to improved efficiency and automation in our reports, we are most excited about offering our clients the ability to use enhanced data analysis to more accurately target their marketing messages and to measure their efforts very quickly," says Chris Killarney, President & CEO of Marketrend.

"The automotive industry is becoming very focused on measuring ROI, and we're pleased to be among the first to offer dealers, dealer groups and OEMs the advanced reporting they need to track their marketing and CRM successes."

Dennis Murphy, Area VP of Cognos Canada, agrees. "Marketrend is a fine example of a company using our solutions to boost client revenues through enhanced reporting. In the end, it's all about improving business intelligence, and Cognos reporting focuses a lens on the bottom line and results like no other solution."

Marketrend will roll out its Cognos-enhanced reporting solution mid-2005 as part of a continuing process to deliver real-time ROI reports and queries.

"With the help of our consultants, automotive executives at the dealer and OEM level will be able to track their marketing and CRM programs with an unprecedented level of accuracy and speed," Killarney adds.

About Marketrend:
Marketrend helps auto retailers and manufacturers attract and retain long-term customers using its retail consulting and marketing services, and sales and relationship management software.

More than 2,500 dealerships and 14 manufacturers work with Marketrend to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company is based in Toronto, ON with sales offices in Houston, TX and Buffalo, NY. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Kate Audet
Marketrend Interactive
(416) 650-5122 ext. 2242
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