Silk and Bango Deliver Mobile On-Handset Portals With Content Discovery, Browsing and Billing

Content storefronts get constant screen presence

April 2, 2005 -- Silk Mobile and Bango have partnered to enable content providers to create their own on-handset portals that give users instant access to the latest mobile content with full discovery, browse and payment facilities. By providing a constant 'storefront' presence on the phone, content owners can build stronger branding and customer relationships while users always have up-to-date material that they can browse off-line.    

Integrating Bango's access and billing technology with Silk's on-handset portals gives content providers more control and independence, helping them to move away from one-off sales to a mobile browse and buy experience and offer an alternative to operator portals which come pre-installed on mobile phones.

The on-handset portals developed by Silk are downloaded to the phone and give users immediate access to their favourite brands from a menu icon on the mobile. Brands can send alerts to consumers encouraging them to purchase when content is updated.

Silk's on-handset portal now provides content owners with the ability to build ongoing relationships with customers and drive up revenue by encouraging repeat purchases. Using Silk, content providers can develop a branded on-handset channel for sales, promotion, delivery and billing.

Bango supports a range of content discovery methods which can be used in promotions across a wide range of existing media C print, TV and radio. These present Silk clients with a multitude of distribution channels for their mobile applications. With the Bango Txt Trigger, users simply send a text message to a short code to be taken to the right content. With the Bango Web Trigger customers can access mobile applications from a web site, while the new Bango Camera-to-content allows camera phone users to simply point and click at QR codes to get to what they want.

Bango also offers payment capabilities to Silk clients implementing on-handset portals. This allows any content owner or brand to bill their customers through a variety of methods including mobile operator billing, Premium SMS or credit/ debit card.

Nicola Riordan, Marketing Director for Silk commented, "Bango is a perfect fit for Silk as we focus on making the mobile user experience both simpler and more intuitive for the consumer. Working with Bango we can offer our clients a complete package for developing an independent mobile channel. This in turn will allow them greater control over the entire process from content discovery to promotion and billing."

"The combination of Silk's user interface and Bango's browse and buy capability gives users a first range experience," commented Martin Harris, Bango's Director of Sales. "Silk's expertise in building Symbian and Java applications compliments our own focus on content discovery and billing."

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