Teletrol eBuilding Update Adds Firewall-compatible Alarm Notification

eBuilding's update extends the system's IT-friendly characteristics to alarm notification functions and it also incorporates new GUI features supporting embedding of live camera views, custom data displays and other value-added display capabilities.

Manchester, New Hampshire (PRWEB)October 28, 2003-®C Teletrol Systems Inc., an industry leader in building automation technology, announced the release of its software update for the eBuilding Internet-powered facility automation system. Along with numerous graphical user interface enhancements, the eBuilding update also features a firewall-compatible alarm notification option. Activating this option allows users to receive real time alarm notification over Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) or the Internet without opening special ports in enterprise firewalls. The new eBuilding release also includes an expanded user activity log, universal HTML control, and third-party software access to alarm/event/trend databases.

The latest release of eBuilding gives users the option of utilizing XML over HTTP for all alarm and event notifications. As a result, users are able to route alarms over most enterprise VPNs or over the Internet through standard firewalls and IT infrastructure. Alarm notifications using this option can be accessed via Internet Explorer, requiring no other client software. Andy McMillan, Teletrol's President/CEO said, "The eBuilding product line is designed to be IT-friendly so users can take full advantage of their enterprise IT infrastructure without compromising its security." He added, "With all other elements of eBuilding already using XML over HTTP, the addition of the new alarm notification option makes eBuilding the first BAS solution to provide a 100% XML-based BAS solution."

In addition to the new alarm option, the latest eBuilding release automatically generates an extensive audit trail of user activities in the system. The User Activity Log has the ability to record log on and log off times for each user, and also record each change that a user makes. The User Activity Log allows the system administrator to view all chronological lists of all logged information, apply filter criteria to limit the display to relevant entries, and to specify a data retention time. Information in the User Activity Log can also be accessed through any third-party software package using standard database commands to retrieve desired records and fields.

The universal HTML control in the latest release of eBuilding allows the system designer to reserve a portion of a facility page to be filled by any valid HTML code of his or her own design. This allows users to easily embed live camera views, custom data displays and other value-added display capabilities.


eBuilding's Internet-powered, IT-friendly facility automation system is available through Teletrol Authorized Systems Integrators worldwide. For more information on the eBuilding suite of Internet-powered facility automation products, please contact e-mail protected from spam bots, visit or call 603.645.6061.

About Teletrol Systems

Teletrol Systems Inc. is a global supplier of high-performance building automation systems and components designed to reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort, and reduce overall operating expenses. Teletrol's suite of software and hardware products enables building professionals to integrate, automate, and manage buildings easily and efficiently using industry standard communications technologies, including Ethernet, BACnet? and the Internet. Teletrol is a leading supplier of open solutions for building automation and is a member of the BACnet Manufacturers Association? as well as a Microsoft Certified Partner?. Teletrol Systems Inc. is privately held by Dean Kamen, entrepreneur, champion for science and technology, and inventor of the Segway? HT, located in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information about Teletrol Systems Inc., visit

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