Two-Stage Camera Pedestal offers floor track option

Telemetrics Introduces Televator? II Elevating Camera Pedestal

New Unit Features Increased Travel Range & Floor Track Option.

Las Vegas, NV (April 19, 2004) - Telemetrics, Inc. has introduced a new addition to the company's popular line of motorized camera elevator systems here at NAB 2004. The new EP-PT-S3 Televator II Elevating Pedestal is a two-stage version of the highly successful Televator series that provides greater range and speed. Operation can be further enhanced with the addition of a new Flex Trak Interface that enables the Televator II to be used in conjunction with Telemetrics' CTS Floor Track for motorized pedestal applications.

"Telemetrics' Televator Series continues to evolve and grow in popularity as users discover new and more efficient means of employing camera robotics in their broadcast and production facilities," said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President, Telemetrics, Inc. "The new Televator II delivers more range and faster operation as a result of our innovative dual stage design."

The Televator II incorporates two servo motor driven actuators in a tandem design that delivers increased travel range and fast operation. The serial controlled Televator II can be controlled by a wide variety of Telemetrics' control panels and control software. The unit features a range of 27.5 inches and can be employed in a variety of configurations for use on a folding floor dolly or Telemetrics' motorized track systems.

Telemetrics is offering a Flex Trak Interface option that combines the company's Televator II and CTS Floor Track systems with the Flex Trak system manufactured by Losmandy, which is known for their smooth operating floor dollys and tripods. The result is a full servo controlled motorized camera track system with pan/tilt/zoom/focus, elevation up/down and camera set-up functions ideal for broadcast applications that demand smooth and quiet remote controlled camera robotics systems.

For more information on Telemetrics' camera control systems call 201-848-9818, e-mail, or visit

Telemetrics, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of camera control components and systems for broadcast, industrial, educational and military applications, including: programmable computer controlled pan/tilt mechanisms; weatherproof camera robotic
systems; motorized camera trolley and elevator systems; advanced control software; programmable camera controllers; camera control systems through triax cable, RF and fiber links; as well as teleconferencing and distance learning systems.

Two-Stage Camera Pedestal offers floor track option.

April 29, 2004 08:21 - Televator II EP-PT-S3 Elevating Pedestal incorporates 2 servo motor driven actuators in tandem design. It features range of 27.5 in. and can be employed on folding floor dolly or motorized track systems. With Flex Track Interface option, pedestal becomes full servo-controlled, motorized camera track system with pan/tilt/zoom/focus, elevation up/down, and camera set-up functions. Pedestal can be controlled by variety of control panels and control software.

Company Information:
Name: Telemetrics Inc.
Address: 6-T Leighton Place
City: Mahwah
State: NJ
ZIP: 07430 3119
Country: USA
Phone: 201-848-9818
FAX: 201-848-9819

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