Ultra-Scan Introduces Tri-Modal Biometric Desktop Enrollment Station

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Ultra-Scan Corporation, an identity management solutions provider, today announced the release of the UltraTouch Desktop Enrollment Station, an all-in-one kiosk that provides a single, convenient collection source to easily capture multiple biometric and demographic data for large scale identity management systems. This unique device allows the combination of up to four data sources, including fingerprint, digital photo, electronic signature, and government issued ID cards such as a driver's license, to easily establish and manage client identity. The UltraTouch Enrollment Station provides maximum flexibility and workflow integration with minimum complexity or workplace disruption, and interfaces to a PC through a single USB connection. Data collected from the UltraTouch Enrollment Station is automatically stored and processed in Ultra-Scan's Automatic Biometric Identification System (ABIS).

"As the demand to accurately identify individuals becomes an issue of national focus, Ultra-Scan has taken the appropriate measurements to be one step ahead of this need," said Dr. John K. Schneider, president and founder of Ultra-Scan. "Using the UltraTouch Desktop Enrollment Station will facilitate the collection and validation of multiple biometric and demographic data from clients in virtually any identity management application, and measurably improve functionality, efficiency, user satisfaction and identification accuracy."

The UltraTouch Enrollment Station includes Ultra-Scan's Livescan Ultrasonic Identification System (LUIS(TM)), a breakthrough biometric technology that utilizes ultrasound to capture high quality fingerprint images across all user populations and operational environments. The technologically advanced UltraTouch fingerprint reader uses high frequency sound waves to accurately measure the ridges and valleys of a fingerprint and helps to "see through" dirt, newsprint, hand lotions and other common finger contaminants, guaranteeing unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Additional key features of the UltraTouch Desktop Enrollment Station include:

-- A digital camera that captures high quality, color images and easily adjusts to accommodate enrollment station placement

-- A card scanner for collecting small format personal identity documentation such as drivers licenses, insurance ID cards, Green cards and Social Security Cards

-- A digital signature pad that easily transfers signatures to multiple documents, multiple places in a single document, or for use in conjunction with Ultra-Scan's proprietary multi-modal biometric software to increase user identification accuracy

The UltraTouch Desktop Enrollment Station offers complete enrollment functionality for any identity management system and is designed for ease of use by both staff and customers.

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