Wireless Camera With USB Video Capture
USB Video Capture with Wireless Camera EyeSeeAll is a wireless audio & video transmitter and receiver with a 1/3" color CMOS video camera and microphone integrated into the transmitter. It includes a stand that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. EyeSeeAll delivers images and audio over up to 125 feet.

With the video capture function, it can capture both still & full motion video (.bmp & .jpg file). It is the bridge between your analog video source (VCR, analog camera, camcorder) and your computer. The hardware SNAPSHOT lets you capture the image instantly.

The EyeSeeAll is not only ideal for home security, room and child monitoring. It also can be applied to video capture, image capture, video conferencing and wireless webcam.

Capture wirelessly from the included CMOS camera

Broadcast the video to the outside world using your favorite messaging service or webcam software
Capture, edit and produce digital video from any source
Observe and record activities in your home or office from either your main PC or remotely using the included Remote View software. (TCP/IP or internet connection required for both PCs for remote viewing)
Monitor your child(ren) from within your house or check up on the baby-sitter while away.
See who is at the door or monitor specific areas such as the swimming pool, backyard, etc., conveniently from your PC.

Capture and edit video from your DVD, VCR, Camcorder, or included wireless camera. Export the video to e-mail, the web, or create your own video CDs using the included easy to use Video Editing Suite.
Wireless webcam!
Incorporate video into your favorite instant messaging program (IM Software must support video to use this feature)
Intel? Pentium or AMD? Athlon processor running at 266 MHz or higher.
Windows? 98, 98SE, 2000, Me or XP.
An available USB port.
CD-ROM drive.
100MB of hard disk space (Minimum of 1.0 GB recommended for recording).
Internet access is required for videoconferencing, instant messaging and e-mail. Any charges to connect to the Internet are the responsibility of the end user.
Sound card with 1/8" microphone input is necessary for audio.
Instant messaging with video requires an instant messaging application that supports video.
Compatible instant messaging applications include AIM, Yahoo!? Messenger?, ICQ?, MSN? Messenger, and Windows Messenger.
Supports RCA Video IN, S-Video IN & stereo RCA jack audio IN. Built-in microphone for audio monitoring. Four channels available for best quality selection. View or record the image on TV, VCR/VCD/DVD player or computer with video capture function. When you connect a RCA cable to the Video IN of receiver , it will replace & disconnect the remote input video signal (Tx). It is the best for application on Entertainment/Attendance/Surveillance & market on DIY, SOHO & Security. Bundle with security software. Support Windows 98/Me/2000. Receiver

ISM Band:2400Mhz ~ 2483Mhz Audio/Video on four selectable channels, CH1=2410 MHz, CH2=2430 MHz,CH3=2450 MHz,CH4=2470 MHz. Antenna Mode: Dipole. Antenna Port : 50 Ohm PCB Track. RF Receiver Current Consumption: Under 200mA.(Typical). RF Receiver Sensitivity: -80dbm. (Minimum) . Dipole antenna provides optimal video and audio reception. High speed compression support real time image output. Supports following video formats and frame rate with compression: 640 X 480 9 ~ 15 fps 352 X 288 25 ~ 30 fps 320 X 240 30 fps 176 X 144 30 fps 160 X 120 30 fps TWAIN compatible hardware CAPTURE. PACKAGE INCLUDES

RF CMOS USB receiver, Two Power Supplies, RF CMOS Wireless Camera, USB Capture/Receiver, Stereo A+V Cable, Composite Video Cable, S-Video Cable, PC audio cable, User's Manual, CD-ROM, Camera Mounting Kit
Eye See All: Wireless Camera .....MJ-RFC-3000......Regular Price: $260.00......Sale Price: $210.00

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