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Wireless Video/TV Link

- Transmit TV, VCR, DVD etc, to any room in your house
- Ideal for use with Freeview and Sky TV
- IR extension function allows you to operate AV equipment in other rooms
- PAL and NTSC compatible
- Stable 2.4GHz signal operates through walls, floors and ceilingsWatch your TV, VCR, DVD, Sky satellite, Freeview or cable on a TV in any room in your home without needing to run a wire between them. Simply plug the transmitter into the source device (DVD, satellite receiver, etc,) and the receiver into the SCART socket of the TV. The audio and video will then be transmitted from the source device to the second TV wirelessly. For maximum convenience, the unit also relays the signals from your remote control back to the source so you can use your normal remote control to change satellite channels, etc. from the other room.. Supplied complete with SCART leads and plug in mains adaptors. Additional receivers are also available so that extra TVs can be wirelessly connected, order code L97AU. Please note: This product does NOT relay remote control signals from NTL or Telewest digital cable boxes. It will however still send the pictures and sound, you will just be unable to change the channels in the second room.

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