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Sasser Worm Spreading Rapidly

Sasser Worm Spreading Rapidly
May 3, 2004
Sasser, unlike a virus which travels through e-mails and attachments, spreads directly from the internet. It attacks recent versions of Microsoft's Windows causing the computer to shut down.

The worm exploits a security flaw, but this can be prevented with a Microsoft patch.

It typically shuts down the computer then automatically re-boots it and repeats this process several times, but is not thought to cause lasting damage.

Alfred Huger, senior director of engineering at Symantec, said the worm "breaks into your computer and then attempts to break into others. It chooses its victims randomly.

Mikko Hyppoenen, an anti-virus expert at Finnish internet security company F-Secure, said "It was probably some hobbyist, a teenager who has the skills and wants to show off. We expect things to get much worse when people bring their laptops in to the office after the weekend."

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Oxfordshire-base software security company Sophos, said home users were especially vulnerable.

"They are often not running the latest anti-virus protection, haven't downloaded the latest security patches from Microsoft, and may not be running a personal firewall," he added.

See the on the BBC. This article was compiled and edited by CIO Update staff. Please direct any questions regarding its content to Allen Bernard, Managing Editor.

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