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Visual CD Audio Visual Digital TV Recorder Price
Visual CD Audio Visual Digital TV Recorder


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$250 to $500

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Preserved forever with the Terapin CD audio/video recorder. Capture the sight and sound of your favorite movies, cassettes, tapes and even your priceless vinyl records. Using the Terapin CD A/V Recorder is as simple as using a VCR. Simply put in a blank CD-R and record straight from the cassette player. You can playback on all CD players, DVD players and multimedia computers: the CD/AV recorder gives you 74 minutes of digital audio and video recording on CD-R or CD-RW media, and lets you record full-motion video with audio onto digital CD format, then view it on the full TV on-screen display. Even more features that will make the CD A/V recorder a family favorite. The Terapin has automatic record synchronization (one track or whole disc) from an external digital audio source, and supports digital coaxial and optical, analog composite input and S-Video inputs and outputs. Special video playback functions include time search, disc view menu, slow motion and fast forward.

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