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Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine
List Price: $819.00

Our Price: $599.00

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Product Description

With its combination of exceptional craftsmanship and superior design, the Kettler Kadett provides the most complete workout available in a compact rowing machine. The Kadett reflects precise piece-by-piece German manufacturing standards and features a design that works a more comprehensive set of upper-body muscles. The frame is far more stable than that of its less expensive competitors, and its outrigger design replicates the natural elliptical art of true rowing motion! Like all Kettler rowers, the Kadett includes heart rate and performance monitors that track a range of workout statistics including pulse.

Stay in peak shape and train in your own home with the Kettler Kadett rowing machine. With the special outrigger design's circular movement, the Kadett closely simulates the actual process of rowing on water. It features two hydraulic cylinders with the ability to set force resistance on a scale of 1 to 12, and a comfortably ergonomic seat with smooth running rollers mounted on rails. It also has moving foot plates with adjustable straps, folding oars with continuous force adjustment, and an anti-slip base that protects the floor.

The Kadett is outfitted with a training computer that provides info on time measurement, number of oar strokes, speed of strokes, distance covered during training session, total distance, energy consumption, and pulse rate. You can program settings for desired distance covered and stroke speed and receive visual and audio signals when you've reached your goals. It has a 250-pound weight capacity and measures 59 x 67 x 18 inches.

Rowing is an especially balanced form of exercise that involves all the main muscle groups and increases the efficiency of the heart and circulatory systems. It also encourages the metabolism and raises the ability of your organs to absorb oxygen.

  • Rowing machine to help you stay in shape and train in your own home
  • Outrigger style rower simulates actual water rowing; resistance setting from 1 to 12
  • Training computer provides info on time measurement, number of oar strokes, speed of strokes, distance covered, and more
  • Program for desired distance covered and stroke speed; visual and audio signals
  • 250-pound weight capacity; measures 49 x 31 x 10 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth every penny
    I was happy with the order process and delivery of this amazing piece of equipment. Some people have said that they had missing parts or scratched pieces - I did not. I do agree that it is a little time consuming to put together - the estimates of an hour to an hour and a half are accurate. However, the machine is well-constructed and the rowing motion is very smooth. The feel is extremely close to that of actual rowing. I highly recommend the Kettler Kadett....more info
  • Good Product - Challenging Experience
    Before I ordered this rowing machine, I spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews. I must say that much of what the other reviewers report here is correct. As a product, the Kettler Kadett is excellent. It definitely gives the feel of actual rowing. The manual is written from a German perspective - meaning you have to flip through pages to find the English portion. Now I know what the rest of the world feels like. The assembly instructions are fine and no text is necessary. I do recommend you lay out all the parts and become familiar with each. Shipping was - well - less than expected. The product came in 2 days as promised; however, when the UPS man lugged it up to the front door, it looked like it had been chewed on by a pack of wolves. I peaked inside and decided to sign for it. The packing was not great and there were a few dings and scratches. I decided to overlook that given this is an exercise machine and not a piece of fine artwork. You may feel differently. I found 2 parts missing - both of which were key to the functionality. Working with the parts folks (you can find them by Googling for Kettler USA) was fine. It seems like they're pretty accustomed to dealing with missing parts. One might think improved quality control might be considered from the start, but I don't walk in their shoes. In the end, I'm happy with the machine and use it daily without problem. You'll have to decide for yourself if this is the means you'd like to use to acquire it. Without question, the price online is better than you'll find in any store and ordering through Amazon is always easy. ...more info
  • OK, but some weaknesses
    well, after reading that many positive reviews, I decided to buy one.

    delivery and assembly were flawless.

    There are some strange things about this piece of equipment, however.

    1. all the labels on the equipment are in German. Not a problem for me, because I am a German living in the States. Must be strange for locals, though.

    2. the pulse meter is completely inaccurate. I was rowing like mad to get my pulse into my aerobic zone (130). Once I was exhausted and double-checked with my chest-strap based other pulse-meter, I was already beyond 150, when the Kettler thing still showed only 110. If you don't want to kill yourself, don't use the built-in pulse meter.
    Besides, I hate having a cable dangling at my ear while rowing.

    3. at the beginning of my 2nd training session, when I tried to fix my shoes with the 2 tapes which were provided for this purpose, one of the plastic rings broke. It is made of such a cheap material, it cannot last for long.

    4. I can't prove it, but I have the strong impression that I have to apply different levels of power on the right vs. the left handle, no matter to what "level" I set it. I always have the feeling, that I have to pull a lot harder on the right side than the left. That does not feel good.

    5. it is not as quiet as I expected it to be. The rowing motion is ok. It is the sliding seat which I am worried about. So far, my wife doesn't complain when I use it at 6am in the morning. Still, I think, this is an area of potential improvement.

    Would I recommend it to a friend? no.
    At this price range, I would not have expected those kind of flaws.

    ...more info
  • Very good machine
    I like my rowing machine. It was kind of hard for my son and I to put together considering the instructions are in German but we managed. It's very sturdy construction....more info
  • Very good once set up but a few issues
    First let me say that the electronic computer gizmo that come with this is absolutly, 100% worthless. Why? It displays all results in German! I don't speak/ read German. I live in the USA and no where in the discription on Amazon or Kettler's website does it say that the computer displays readings in German. That was disappointing but even so I tried using it for a few months just for the setting that tells me how many rows/strokes I have performed. But I stopped using the computer because every time I moved the machine from the corner of my room, to in front of the TV: the display would slide off it's attachment point and crash to the floor. So I just use the rowing machine without the electronic aids. Once the machine is set up and I am rowing, I have to say this machine does have very smooth rowing motion and I really enjoy using it. A word of caution. The machine is heavy, and very difficult to move. This is not just because of the weight, but because when the outriggers are folded in, the are not secure. As one is trying to lift and move the machine the outriggers are free to flail around. Many times I have lifted the machine to vertical ( to move it from one spot to another) only to have one of the outriggers come free and knock over something or strike my body. Very awkward moving it. Other wise once it's set up and I'm rowing away, It works great and gives you a great work out. ...more info
  • Kettler Kadet Rowing Machine
    Great product. This is my first rowing machine and I am very pleased with it so far. For the money, you get a well engineered product. It only took about an hour to assemble the whole thing.

    You get a great cardio workout with this machine along with working various upper and lower body muscles. The machine takes up very little space compared to other excercise machines. The only improvement I have made is purchasing a bungee cord to hold my feet in place instead of the Velcro straps that come with the product. ...more info
  • Good quality with some annoying details
    The Kadett is nicely made as the many reviews lead you to expect. And, as others have reported, the shipping package isn't great. Mine had all the parts, but there were some small nuts that were loose in the box that could easily have fallen out in transit.

    I take exception to the top ranked review's claim the rowing (sculling) action is like rowing a boat. I find the position of the "oarlocks" too high with respect to my knees. The vertical range of motion for the oar handles is limited, so in order to row without hitting my knees on the return stroke I have to "dip the oars" on the return stroke instead of correctly on the power stroke. I'd like either more vertical range on the handle articulation or an adjustable stop. I was hoping for a realistic rowing action. While this rower is much better than pulling handles on ropes, it's not a rowing simulator. The resistance adjustment collar could use more contrast on the numbering and an index mark that's easier to see when you're seated.

    The foot straps have two problems; the strap end is hard to grasp, and the strap easily moves around so that the hook and loop end is under your foot and even harder to adjust. I fixed the first problem by singeing the hooks on the tip of the strap with a lighter. The melted hooks leave a tab of non-sticky material free so you have something to grab when adjusting the straps. My solution for the moving straps was to lock them in place using the locking clips for plastic bags (like Ikea's Bevara clips). It's a shame the manufacturer lets details like this become a problem the customer needs to fix.

    The electronic display is okay. The overlay on mine had bubbles in front of the LCD that I've had to massage out. The instructions have an English section that's somewhat hard to follow, but the display's controls and readouts are easy enough to use.

    The seat rollers are smooth and the main components are well made and nicely finished. I'm pleased with my purchase but I think I should be at the price. And at the price, details like the straps should be better designed.

    ...more info
  • A great rower and fantastic suppliment work-out to running.
    Just a quick note as to how much I love this rower. An outstanding workout, incredible build quality and smooth function. The only thing I'll change (have to figure out how first) is to allow for foot-push to come from the toes/ball of the foot as opposed to the heel. I realize that this isn't authentic rowing form, but I'm more concerned about calf-work....more info
  • Great design, not so great quality control!
    As others have said, this machine is very quiet; a big plus. I would give the overall design 5 stars. The downside is quality control, as some others have commented on. One of the oars (rowing arms) arrived defective. The arm rotates in a sleeve and there is a bolt-like pin that fits into a slot to limit the amount of rotation. The first time I used the machine the bolt broke loose. Kettler USA immediately sent me another arm. However, this one was also defective. The screw that holds the handgrip in place could not be adequately screwed on which caused the handgrip to be too loose. (There is supposed to be a certain amount of looseness, but this was way to much.) After a couple of phone conversations, Kettler agreed to send me another arm. This one checked out okay, and I haven't had any problems since. So, to Kettler USA's credit, their service after the sale was very good. Just need better inspectors on the factory floor. One other thing, it took a month to receive this item from Amazon. Don't blame Amazon though, as I checked with 3 other websites, and it was on backorder....more info
  • Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine
    I have used several lighter-weight rowers for many years (Precor, Tunturi) and have always loved this kind of exercise. Unable to run for the time being, I wanted an affordable step up and something I would use often. I am very pleased with this machine, [...]. Assembly was actually fun, especially with the quality tool kit that is supplied. It folds nicely, but I leave it open and jump on as soon as I get home from work, rowing at least half an hour a day (in front of the TV, of course). Realize that things can break, however, even with a well-designed product. First to go was the cam latching lever, which sheared under little pressure despite looking Germanically solid. Then one of the pistons started to skip, which can be very annoying. (These are complex, patented mechanisms that will not last forever.) However, Kettler USA was very responsive, replacing the parts promptly with no questions asked. You may want to confirm how long the pistons are warranteed for beyond the first year, though I believe there is a 3-year warranty in general) -- they cost about $75 each, and like any such part will eventually need replacing, sooner if you use this a lot. Still, don't let these issues deter you -- the rower is a well-designed bargain (especially given the current lousy dollar exchange rate, and look for free shipping) that is well worth the investment. (Doctor visits cost far more.) It also helps to be a bit mechanically inclined, as regular maintenance (as long as you also maintain your body regularly!) is to be expected. I believe you may find rowing rather addicting with this machine. Zo, gett the Kadett....more info
  • Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine
    Fantastic compact rower with resistance levels from 1 to 12 giving the ability to advance your workout. The assenmbly is not complicated; recommend laying out parts prior to assembly. Excellent German craftsmanship and quality. Quiet smooth skulling movement for the perfect total body workout. The Kadett Outrigger machine well worth every penny!!!...more info
  • A rower to strongly consider
    Ordering, as with most items on Amazon, was a snap. Rowing machine package arrived within a week or so of ordering and in very good condition considering its size/shape. Internally, packaging was fairly sound, but there had been some movement of a few of the smaller items during shipping/handling; no part damage was noticed.
    Unpackaging the items, I compared them against the manual's parts listing as I went and found that all items were present - always great news when assembly is required! Following the instructions (mostly using the pictures/sketches due to the manual's base presentation being in German), successfully assembled the unit by myself in just less than an hour. (NOTE: Closely checking the parts against the pictures/sketches helps tremendously to ensure proper part selection/orientation during assembly!)
    Being a Mechanical Engineer by profession, I can attest that the machine is truly well engineered and solidly built; I'd expect it to last an extremely long time with relatively simple maintenance.
    Having rowed crew in college and done a bit of sculling for fun and exercise since then, I, obviously, had a few pre-conceived ideas of what would constitue a good exercise rowing machine. To date, with the exception of the foot straps (which everyone cites as an issue because they're really not too well-designed or user-friendly), I've not been disappointed with this unit. It's reasonably quiet and it's been easy and a pleasure to use.
    Bottom line, I'd certainly recommend this model to anyone looking for a good, solid rowing machine who's willing to invest the approximate $600 cost.
    By the way, my wife has taken to using the rower to complement her walking exercise regimen, and she loves it....more info