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Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 (Silver)
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $89.00

You Save: $60.99 (41%)


Product Description

The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 includes a thin Keyboard with curve design and High Definition Laser Mouse for precise performance. The mouse features a Magnifier button that lets you easily point and click anywhere on the screen to enlarge and edit details. With 4-way scrolling wheel, the mouse helps you navigate through worksheets, Web pages, photos and more with ease. The keyboard features quick Windows Start Button to launch your Start Menu and Windows Live Call Button to access your Windows Live Messenger buddy list. In addition, the keyboard includes Navigation Pad that lets you command your PC from your lap or the comfort of your sofa with the integrated cursor control. Featuring 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Technology and Battery Status Indicator, the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 delivers performance with virtually no interference from up to 30 feet away.

Now you can transition between work and fun with unprecedented ease and comfort. This ultra-thin entertainment desktop set with a rechargeable mouse delivers top-notch performance with virtually no interference--from up to 30 feet away.

  1. Rechargeable mouse
  2. 2.4 GHz Bluetooth technology
  3. Windows Start button
  4. Ultra-thin comfort curve design
  5. Battery status indicator
  6. Navigation pad
  7. Windows Live button
Give yourself room to move; wireless mouse and keyboard products let you work without worrying about tangled wires. The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 features 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity with First Connect technology that makes it easy to connect wirelessly right out of the box. The desktop set includes a rechargeable mouse and keyboard with battery status indicators that flash when batteries need recharging.

Mouse Features
The mouse's 4-way scrolling feature takes advantage of Microsoft's Tilt Wheel technology, letting you scroll four ways for greater efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, the Instant Viewer function allows you to click the scroll wheel button to instantly display your open windows. Then you just point and click to select the window you want. Another feature, the Magnifier, lets you point and click to enlarge and edit details on your screen.

Keyboard Features
The keyboard features an ultra-thin, ergonomist-approved "Comfort Curve" design that allows you to place your hands naturally and work comfortably using the distinctive quiet touch keys. This sleek design also reduces clutter on your desk, fits on your lap and complements your flat screen monitor. Meanwhile, an integrated navigation pad with cursor control makes it easy to command your PC from your lap or the comfort of your sofa.

Use the Media Center Start Button to gain one touch access to Windows Media Center, or press the Windows Start Button to launch your Start menu and search your PC or the Web if you have Windows Vista installed. The Windows Live Call Button accesses your Windows Live Messenger buddy list, while the Windows Gadgets Button gives you one-touch access to gadgets such as weather information, news updates, traffic maps and slide shows of online photo albums. Plus, when you're playing music or videos media controls on the keyboard allow you to easily navigate to your next or previous track. Or use the media controls to play, pause and control volume. Lastly, the "My Favorites" hot key makes it easy to access the folders, files, and Web pages you use most.

What's in the Box
Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 keyboard and mouse, rechargeable batteries, software CD-ROM, and Microsoft Mini Bluetooth Transceiver.

  • Sleek design reduces clutter on your desk, fits on your lap and complements your flat screen monitor
  • Keyboard features - My Favorites hot keys to access folders, files, and Web pages you use most

Customer Reviews:

  • Sleek, modern minimalism; built for Vista, compatible with XP
    I've been waiting for this keyboard since December. Microsoft has had problems in production and deadlines about this product. As of the day I write this, Microsoft's website "Press Pass" still publishes an article saying this keyboard and mouse set will be released "January 2007." That didn't happen. But it is here now and I'm not too impressed, even though I'm satisfied.
    I was debating between getting this product and the Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard (these keyboards are media-centered keyboards, no numerical keypads in addition). I've used the diNovo Edge and I've liked it. I purchased this Microsoft product because it is both slightly cheaper and comes with a matching mouse.
    The diNovo Edge has a lithium Ion battery and a recharging station which looks nice but is impractical because it stands the keyboard on an edge so that it cannot be used while charging (looks cool). This 7000 keyboard, however, is powered by 4 AA batteries, but this keyboard is just as slim and sleek as the diNovo keyboard. On another Microsoft webpage that profiles hardware like this, it is advertised that 4 AA batteries power this keyboard for "an average of over nine months." What is weird (and almost unnecessary) is to make the mouse (unlike the keyboard) come with a recharging base. It is as if Microsoft started with the newer (yet to be released) 8000 model of this keyboard/mouse set (which is going to cost more) and just started subtracting features. For example, whereas the diNovo and the 8000 model of this product have light-up features for dark room usage, this 7000 model does not. Also, the 800 comes with a hub that both the mouse and keyboard use instead of just a hub for the mouse (as in the 7000).
    For me, I was disappointed when I started typing on this 7000 model keyboard because the key-depression sounds are as loud as my laptop or PC (some people however like a stronger physical and audible feedback from the keys as they type). diNovo has soft key-depression, and even though this 7000 model wasn't advertised with soft keys I hoped it was a basic feature. The Bluetooth technology works as expected. My favorite feature is the keyless Function buttons which can be redefined for your specific shortcuts. My mouse came with differing pressure levels for the right and left clicks and this has been irritating (the left-click is very sensitive).
    In sum: the 7000 keyboard has a cheaper feel than the diNovo (mine is made of hard plastic and the diNovo is partly made of fiberglass); but I shook around this keyboard and pressed on its sides fairly hard: it's pretty durable. This is currently one of the most sophisticated keyboards on the market and it's the most Vista-ready keyboard currently. It's sleek, ergonomic, and rests no higher than your watch on the table. I'm satisfied. ...more info
  • Great seller!
    I received this item quickly and as advertised and would definitely do business with these folks again!...more info
  • Incredible Keyboard and mouse
    I was looking for a replacement for my old logitech mx3200 wireless desktop (very bad decision for me), keys start to get very hard to press and uncomfortable, and I wanted a very comfortable and of course wireless desktop. I searched between logitech stuff, and just dinovo desktop set seems a good answer for my problem with no risk that keys get locked again, but it's a very expensive one. So I start to look for options on microsoft.

    I'm not a microsoft's software believer (Windows Vista is still a complete trash), but the reviews told me that microsoft's harware doesn't have all problems that software does.

    Another of my requirements was a bluetooth connection. I recently bought an Asus G1S, so I wanted to use the G1S's bluetooth capabilities.

    So, I took a look on Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000, 8000 is very expensive, and I always use rechargeable batteries, so no problem with that (you know what I mean). Price was right for a bluetooth keyboard with 7000's characteristic, and also Amazon's price has a % off. I finally took my decision and I bought it.

    It has some nice characteristics:

    - It's a flat keyboard, like a notebook, it's very soft and comfortable.
    - It has an ergonomic curve, very soft. It takes just a bit to get used with it.
    - Sensitive F keys, these are not normal buttons, you just need to move your finger over the key and that's all. Some reviews says that they are very sensitive, just be careful.
    - At right side there are the normal multimedia buttons (volume, mute, play, back, etc).
    - It has a gorgeous built in mouse, its simply fantastic for me, at right you have right and left mouse's buttons, at left you have a touchpad, it's very cool.
    - No independent numpad, it's not a problem for me.
    - Mouse is a laser mouse, very precise. I miss logitech's mouses because they hand form, but the mouse its ok. It could be better.
    - Mouse uses one battery, keyboard uses four batteries.
    - Not for gamers of course. I'm waiting for Starcraft 2, so I'll see this later.

    Installation was very fast. Bluetooth conection works very well, mouse uses no paskey and keyboard can use any passkey.

    Shipping as always great and fast from Amazon. Thank you once again. ...more info
  • Great choice
    Being a Logitech diehard, the DiNovo seemed like the perfect keyboard of all time. I just bought this 7000 one and wow. I love it. Works like a charm and I especially like the Vista features (although I wish there was a button for switching applications--if there is, I sure don't know about it). One of the problems with the DiNovo is the lucite frame -- it smudges and gets dirty all of the time. Hard to keep clean. This Microsoft one doesn't have that problem. The touch-sensitive function keys are interesting to say the least. I am really getting used to this thing. The mouse? Why did they bother throwing that thing in the package? I prefer the Explorer Mini-Mouse (bought separately)....more info
  • Ergonomic laptop keyboard!
    I am a big fan of the ergonomic keyboards. You know the ones with the split keys. And my wrists hurt at times from typing at work. Well, I have to say that I've been using this keyboard for a week without wrist pain.

    I think that the flat design helps my wrists as I no longer need wrist supports. My wrists are flat with the desk and the keyboard. So that helps an awful lot.

    This comes with all the batteries that you'll need to get started. The mouse will recharge. The keyboard won't. The keyboard needs 4 AA batteries. So far, I have no idea when it's going to die but I keep spare batteries in case.

    The feel of the keyboard is more like a laptop keyboard than a traditional keyboard. There's very little down stroke when you press a key. No too springy either.

    The function keys on the top are not really keys but a small depression that you have to lightly touch. That took some getting used to.

    I'm not 100% sold on the design. I use the arrow keys a lot at my work and they're much smaller than most of the old keyboards I've used. There are times where I've thought about returning to the old keyboard just because of that. But I still like the feel enough to give this a chance.

    The mouse works fine. It's a mouse. It's no Logitech laser MX but it's not bad. The action is fine. It's nice to have the keyboard and mouse drive off of one little bluetooth USB key.

    Overall, I'd recommend this with a few reservations. If you're super sensative to the ergonomic keyboards and don't like regular keyboards, avoid this. Also, if you need a 10 key or use the arrow keys a lot, this is not the keyboard for you. Beyond that, you've got a stylish cool keyboard with a good mouse....more info
  • 7000 Worth the wait!
    Been using this keyboard for a few hours now. I had problems with the onboard mouse controls (the touch mouse and click bottons on the keyboard, not the included wireless mouse) due to a Vista hardware update from Windows Update that was installed on Feb 13
    CHIC - Other Hardware - USB Browser Mouse
    CHIC Other Hardware sofware update released in December, 2006

    I had 2 'unknown devices' listed in Device Manager even after downloading the Vista drivers from I looked through my C:\windows\inf folder (to find the driver that was installed, sorted the inf files by date, and then deleted the 2 inf files that were installed on this date). I then went to Device Manager and did a driver update on the 2 unknown devices and they finally installed fine. Now the onboard mouse and other functions work with the keyboard. If you have the same problem, go into your Windows Update install history and find the install date for the CHIC hardware and follow my steps above (using the date you installed it through Windows Update).

    The keyboard is taking some getting used to. I am not used to typing with the keyboard flat, I always pull the stands out on the bottom of my keyboards to angle them better for typing. This keyboard does not have those stands so it remains flat on the desk. I bought this keyboard because I was tired of waiting on the 8000 to be released, but as soon as it comes out I will be purchasing it as well. This keyboard is an extreme example of good hardware innovation. It is light, thin, and very modern and will compliment your Vista machine very well.

    The included mouse is alright, Im used to a trackball so it is a switch for me but I am adjusting slowly. The mouse has a solid grasp feel to it and the precision is great. I had to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor because it was moving way too fast (me coming from a trackball is probably the issue). The cost of the set is expensive, but so far I feel it is worth it for both functionality and aesthetic value. Using the keyboard with Media Center is great as I have never used a media center keyboard before so if that is what you are after, this set is the one for you.
    ...more info
  • great combo
    Keyboard seemed to reach almost 20 feet away including it reached through a doorway and me in front of it. Good range.

    Just got the keyboard and tested it for a few minutes.

    I like the touch sensitive F-keys. I'm not sure why some reviewers didn't like it.

    The touch sensitive mouse opition at the right of the keyboard is not perfect. But what do you expect trying to use a touch sensitive laptop mousepad that's only about 1 inch wide and tall? I think it's pretty good for its small size, but i definately wouldn't recommend it over a mouse. Probably good if you happen to kill the battery on the mouse.

    The mouse seemed very responsive. It was hard to tell the difference with my wired mouse. But i wouldn't risk this for gaming.. i dont' think wireless speeds have caught up for gaming yet.

    I really like the sleek look of the keyboard. My brother literally said "wow" when he first saw it.

    I plan on hooking this up with my big samsung 52" tv and trying to do as much media stuff as i can. I'll leave a review if i encounter any major issues....more info
  • Great Product
    I had a Kensington bluetooth mouse with poor results so I was weary to take another chance on a bluetooth set, but i needed a wireless set with a range only bluetooth could provide. I have long been a fan of Microsoft peripherals so I took a chance on this bluetooth set and I'm glad i did. The keyboard is one of the thinnest i've ever seen, but doesn't feel cheap. The battery life is good and the mouse has a rechargable battery (AA) so it can be replaced. I have friends with bluetooth mice that have propiretary non replacable batteries. I love having the option of using the touchpad thats built into the keyboard and all the media center functions built into it makes viewing media on my Vista Ultimate machine a breeze. The only issue I've experienced is that from time to time when my computer goes to sleep the bluetooth set wont wake it up. I think its a bios setting but ive found simply unplugging and replugging the reciever on the pc fixes the issue. Get this set, you'll love it. ...more info
  • Almost Perfect for My Particular Purpose
    First off, I bought this keyboard and mouse for a rather unique purpose. I have a Samsung Q1U UMPC with Vista. I like the Q1U for doing casual tasks on the go. I can play games, read an ebook, browse the Web and email (when near a wireless access point), draw, take notes, look at pictures from my digital camera, and so forth. But the Q1U is capable of running more serious productivity software like Microsoft Word. Using a word processing program without a keyboard is a nightmare, even with the numerous input options (mini keyboard, handwriting, virtual keyboard, voice recognition).

    There is a USB keyboard, which works fine. However, I bought this keyboard and mouse for the Bluetooth connectivity. Now, the keyboard pairs up nicely, but the mouse is another story. However, I have found that for my purposes, the mouse pointer on the keyboard itself is good enough when used to suppliment the touchscreen of the Q1U. Plus, I like that it uses AA batteries. When I travel, I stick the keyboard and some spare batteries in my suitcase. The keyboard has an on/off switch so it doesn't constantly try to pair up while being thrashed around in the suitcase, which was a problem with other wireless keyboards I tried. I bring the Q1U on the airplane with me. When I get to the hotel, I bring out the keyboard and I have a fully functioning PC. I honestly never use the mouse.

    The pros include reliable Bluetooth pairing of the keyboard, mouse cursor control on the keyboard, nice ergonomic design, thin profile.

    The cons include frustrating Bluetooth pairing of the mouse, wide area footprint that seems unnecessary (could be smaller)....more info
  • Excellent Item
    Keyboard works great. No problem with connectivity. The accompanying mouse is quite large. Although, you cant beat the rechargability of the mouse....more info
  • Excellent product
    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with touchpad on keyboard. Takes getting used to but once you have used it for a few days, it's great. Very good for use in your lap in addition to desk. For those numbers people, note there is no numeric keypad....more info
  • Not bad, but slightly disappointed...
    * Mouse comes with rechargeable battery (AA NiMH) and charger base
    * Mouse seems to have less delay than other wireless mice I've used
    * Keyboard has low delay: fast typers should not be annoyed by waiting on the keyboard to catch up.
    * Keyboard is very low-profile and feels well-built
    * Reception is good if you have the Bluetooth Transceiver on the FRONT of your PC. I use the keyboard/mouse about 20ft away.
    * Lots of thought went into the extra keys: couples nice with Vista or XP
    * Great looks

    * Keyboard is awkward for those not used to the ergonomic layout. When you do get used to it, you will be annoyed when using normal keyboards (work, friends house, etc.)
    * Touchpad on keyboard is borderline gimmick. The touchpad was a major selling point for me when deciding on this keyboard. For light web surfing, I was hoping to use keyboard only, but the touchpad is just too imprecise and annoying to use for long. [UPDATE] I'm not sure what changed, but since this review the touchpad has been working much better and I frequently use it for web surfing. The only issue that remains with it is the tap feature is kinda finnicky and it often doesn't recognize the tap as a button press.
    * Bluetooth transceiver did not provide good reception when connected to the back of the PC. With the positioning of my PC in the living room, having the transceiver connected to the front of the PC is just asking for it to get whacked by one of my kids running by.

    Overall, I'm happy but slightly disappointed: mostly by the lackluster touchpad and the requirement to place the transceiver on the front of my PC. If neither of these concerns bother you, then you should be happy with it....more info
  • got wirles?
    Works great from 12 -15 ft. on our computer linked to a 61 in. Samsung TV.
    Other Optical and Laser keyboard/mouse combos were only good to about 6ft....more info
  • Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 (Silver)
    Keyboard seems to be very sturdy and works almost as perfectly as advertised.

    Keyboard: Ergonomic, stylish, functional, responsive and portable.
    Mouse: Equally stylish, pin-point accuracy, includes very sleek charging base. Also, all 5 batteries required for the system were included! Nice move, Microsoft.
    Cons: 1. No dedicated number keys (but I knew that before I made the purchase, so I'm not "really" complaining:-). 2. The touch pad on the keyboard doesn't work very well in cursor mode. I have the keyboard connected via bluetooth to a PS3 console and a laptop which are both, in turn, connected to an LCD TV. Although inconvenient, I've had to turn to the mouse for navigation (the mouse bundled with the system is, by far, the best mouse I've ever owned, btw).

    Overall, 4 of 5 stars. If you're not trying to control components from a reclining sofa 20 feet away like I am, I'm certain you'll find this product to be an amazing buy....more info
  • Great for a Mac user
    I'm extremely happy with this keyboard, so please keep reading past the first paragraph citing the bad points.

    When I first bought this keyboard (at $150), I couldn't get it to work with my MacBook's Bluetooth (the internal receiver). I then read online that it doesn't seem to work with any Bluetooth receiver other than the "convenient" one it comes with. Then I read it isn't compatible with Mac OS X so I promptly returned it.

    I was saddened by having to return it because it was the best keyboard I found. Even though I didn't want to spend over $100 on a keyboard, this one seemed like it would be worth it. Thin, very mobile, curved (I prefer over the ergonomic split and the awful straight keyboards), lots of extras, and great looking! I later read a review that said that at least the standard keyboard keys work, and that was enough for me to buy it again for $120 at another retail store.

    I also had to buy a USB hub since I was going to have to use the Bluetooth receiver it comes with and was out of available USB ports on my MacBook. I got it home, installed the software (do this first!), then connected the keyboard. To my surprise, a lot more of the extra features worked.

    Features that work right out of the box:
    - playback controls (iTunes)
    - volume controls
    - mouse left and right buttons on the keyboard
    - trackpad on the right side of the keyboard

    Features that I haven't been able to get working:
    - Magnifier button
    - Gadgets button
    - Zoom
    - extra functionality from the F-buttons
    - Back button

    Now, the software it comes with seems to indicate all of these features should work, but they don't seem to work right out of the box. Lucky for me, the features that do work are the ones I wanted.

    I didn't intend on using the mouse at all (as I love using trackpads), but it's actually a nice mouse. The scroll wheel doesn't click like most do, but that's fine by me. I find myself using it quite often. They keys on the keyboard feel fantastic, much better than the MacBook keys. I found it difficult to get above 100 WPM on the MacBook keyboard, but this keyboard doesn't hinder me at all. I've never had any signal problems, but both my mouse and keyboard are only about three feet from the receiver.

    It comes with all of the batteries you need which includes the four for the keyboard and the one for the mouse. The mouse has a charging station for the one rechargeable battery in it, so I'm not worried about battery life. On this note, it doesn't do what other wireless mice and keyboards do to preserve battery life. The mouse *always* works (very precisely, I might add) and the keyboard always types the letters as I press them without delay.

    - thin
    - Bluetooth (better signal strength than other wireless keyboards)
    - curved design, extremely comfortable
    - lots of extra features
    - doesn't hinder performance to prolong battery life

    - not all features available for Mac OS X
    - no scroll wheel/buttons on the keyboard

    I recently put a Con of "must use included Bluetooth receiver", but after reading some of the documentation I figured out how to pair the keyboard and mouse with the internal Bluetooth receiver of my MacBook. This alone makes the keyboard and mouse *perfect* in my opinion....more info
  • Another steaming dung pile served up by our friends at microsoft!
    Like ALL microsoft products, I would advise you to stay away from this item. I have been converting to Macs over the past couple of years due to the too many to list windows problems, but was impressed in the past with wireless keyboards offered by microsoft. I bought this set with hopes that it would live up to the hype. It doesn't by far.
    It includes software for a Mac, which isn't even needed on a Mac anyhow due to it's excellent ability of working with bluetooth devices (except for this set). It randomly loses connection with both the keyboard and mouse. It finally stopped working altogether. I finally got the mouse working again, but as of right now, I am typing this on a 6 year old keyboard due to the fact this new $100 keyboard simply stopped working period. I've tried everything and I am very knowledgeable with computers.

    The mouse is supposed to have the latest bluetooth standard, but it can't hold a candle to my apple made bluetooth mighty mouse, which I was trying to replace. I'm sorry I did now. There is an old saying burning through my mind right now (don't fix what ain't broke). I have had almost two years of flawless service from the mighty mouse.
    Just like all microsoft products, STAY AWAY! What the hell was I thinking?...more info
  • Keyboard is Laggy
    I saw this keyboard in the store and thought it was great. I really like the keypad and the keypresses. It also has all of the functionality that I need.

    I can understand how some people are upset with the design of the F keys, but they wont ever affect me for my needs. I do have a problem with the mouse buttons though. It is hard for me to hit the extra buttons. I wish the thumb button was further forward. If there was two buttons on each side, that would be better than one on the left and one on the right (which are difficult to hit). I will rarely need to use these buttons so it isnt really an issue.

    My problem is that the keyboard gets laggy at times. I have never ever had this problem in my last 15 years of computing. Sometimes it does not read some of my keypresses. Sometimes it I can press a letter and it will repeat that letter 10 times in a row. As great as the keyboard is, these problems are unacceptable. I also noticed that they mousepad on the keyboard is very delayed anddddddddddd innnnnnaccurateee at times. (I typed this review on the keyboard)

    When the keyboard is having problems, I notice that the mouse is still working great. I don't understand why the mouse would be fine when the keyboard is laggy.

    Edit: This set was specifically designed for HTPC users which the average distance is 10' away. I thought I would mention that I am using this product 10' away from the receiver. It is advertised to work up to 30' away. the closer you are to the receiver, the less problems there are. ...more info