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Nikon BM-7 LCD Monitor Cover for Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera
List Price: $12.00

Our Price: $7.99

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Product Description

Designed for the Nikon D80 Digital Camera / Optically clear LCD Cover to protect your screen from scratches, dirt and skin oil

Customer Reviews:

  • Monitor cover saves monitor surface
    After a few months I noticed the monitor cover of my D80 was getting scratched. I realized that the culprit was, of all things, the buttons on my shirts. It's great to have this inexpensive monitor cover take the beating, saving the irreplaceable surface of the camera's monitor itself. A great item! I suggest D80 owners always have a spare!...more info
  • Must have for everyone having a D80.
    Shipped and sold exclusively by Amazon, this is a must have for Nikon D80 dslr owners. even if you have one, always better to have a spare. I broke my old cover sometime back & put a cheap aftermarket on it, but wasnt completely satisfied. So went ahead and got this, as now its back in full stock! Truly, original parts make a BIG difference to the usability of the camera. It protects the lcd from unwanted dust and smudges and fingerprints.

    Amazon shipped it free & worth the price completely.

    Full rating & ofcourse, highly recommended for Nikonians!...more info
  • a good idea. get two.
    this is a hard plastic or polycarbonate screen protector just like the one that came with your camera. it's not as clear as a press-on thin cover, but it's more protective. if your lcd gets cracked it's no picnic. the material is fairly indestructible, but they scratch up easy. it's a good idea to always have a backup just in case your other one gets scratched....more info
  • Great Accessory & Protection
    I have the Nikon D80 which comes with this monitor cover. I decided to buy a second one just in case my current one gets too scratched up. Without this cover I know I would have scratches on my screen. This is not those peel and stick covers. It is actually a hard plastic and easily clips on to your camera. It's definitely cheaper and easier to replace this cover rather than have your monitor screen replaced....more info
  • monitor cover
    The cover is made well, as expected from Nikon, fits well and allows full function of all the cameras features without getting in the way....more info
  • LCD Monitor Cover
    I love this product. As DSLR's have viewfinders, your face is always against the camera back. With the LCD screen there, there's always opportunity for getting it dirty or scratched. This cover fits perfectly and is removable allowing cleaning. I keep it on all the time and purchased a couple. ...more info