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  • The Net - The Movie
    True to what some may say, "The Net" does tend to drift off in direction, but I LOVE this movie for two reasons:

    1.) I am a HUGE Sandra Bullock fan
    2.) The Macintosh - The dominating computer used in this movie(insert Apple logo here...option, shift, and K keys)...more info
  • not worth it
    This is one of those movies that they show on late night TV, just to fill the slots. And you could watch if you can't sleep. Otherwise it is not even worth renting, let alone buying. I am sorry to say this because I think very highly of Jeremy Northam and I think Sandra Bullock is a decent actress. But the story is so weak and full of cliches that even they can't carry the movie. My view is that the conspiracies just bordered on the absurd. There is a sign on the screen and you see all this secret information when you click on it -- give me a break! And they could have taken her out so many times during the movie and yet they didn't. Please. The plot was just too weak and full of holes....more info
  • Great exiting suspenceful Sandra Bullock was really hot
    It was very good kept you on the edge of your seat. Was not too inappropriate Most kids can handle it....more info
  • It could happen.......
    This movie is about a young woman who just so happens to be a computer whiz. Her life is completely turned upside down and taken over when 'they' are after a diskette that she has in her possession. She is given a new identity of a woman who has a criminal past. To top it all off, her mother has alzheimer's and can't even identify her. This movie will definitely keep you glued to your seat. info

  • Suspense, Paroanoia Reign
    The suspense is very good in this film. There is a lot of tension in this story which has strong paranoia running through it.

    The story starts off slow but kicks in pretty soon and stays that way, making it an involving movie for the viewer. That's why I give it a pretty good rating - the movie gets you involved in it. Sandra Bullock is more cute than annoying, which she normally is to me, so this is my highest-rated movie with her in it.

    It is a typical Bullock movie in which she plays a mousy (but profane) woman who is in trouble but finds a way to survive and be the hero. Sound familiar? There also are plenty of holes in this story and certain things just don't add up but overall it is a very entertaining film and definitely recommended.
    ...more info
  • Identity Crisis
    The Net combines elements of techno paranoidism, action, and reverses the usual gender roles. The result is a little uneven, but still worth watching.

    The premise is that an isolated, but brilliant, software engineer (Angela Bennett played by Sandra Bullock) has her identity stolen, when she stumbles across a conspiracy involving trap doors in a software security system used by many federal, state, and private databases.

    Although stolen identities are a hot topic in today's issues, the ability to steal someone's identity is proportional to the how isolated an individual may be, and this theft is made easier because Angela's life is very isolated. She works out of her home and communicates primarily over the telephone and internet. There are lots of people who would like to meet her, but she puts them off.

    The technological portion of the film that is interesting shows how a person, who depends on computerized output, can be murdered when someone else fools with the data bases. This happens over and over, as the conspiracy attempts to isolate and kill Angela.

    The action part of this film involves most of the cliches common to this type of genre. We get the chase in the crowd, on the merry-go-round, in the darken street (several times), on the freeway, at the bridge crossing, on the boat, in the amusement park, and finally on the catwalk. The first couple of times are OK, but after a while it begins to get tired.

    Fortunately the film is saved because it reverses the usual gender roles. Like true action heros, no one suddenly appears and SAVES Angela. Everyone she tries to get help from are either killed or isolated. In the end Angela saves herself using the same wits and knowledge that made her a much sought after engineer. She gets back her identity, exposes the conspiracy, and kills the bad guy.

    I like Sandra Bullock. She has the isolated awkward character down pat, but still with enough pluck to fight back. Jeremy Northam's heavy is smooth enough to stare down a cobra, and seems to have a psychopathic personality that he trieds to hold in check. He gets his relief on a keyboard.

    I wanted to scream at some of the technology holes in this film. The flashing terminal showing lots of overlaying screens which, I suppose, was suppose to represent the Trap Door was laughable. The way in which Angela tricks Jack into infecting the main system with a virus on the floppy without getting him to explicitly invoke the virus program is, well, not very realistic. One of my favorites was the ability for Angela to easily read binary code, and in a matter of seconds, identify and isolate an absolutely new virus. This is indeed a superwoman. There were lots of other things too, but they would only be distractions to people who actually make their living writing software.

    I recommend this film....more info

    A fellow analyst from Cathedral Software, Dale, sends Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) a program on a disk that when run displays a peculiar symbol (e) in the lower-right corner. Dale instructs Angela to hold the CTRL and SHIFT buttons while clicking the e symbol, revealing that it gives the user entry point access to government and military computer systems. It is learned 'they' have recently implemented a newly developed piece of illegitimate 'protection' software called The GateKeeper System and this is what the film hinges upon.

    On vacation in Mexico, Jack Devlin (Jeremy Northam) acquaints himself with Angela under the pretense that he is just another computer hacker on vacation. He is later revealed to have been sent by a cyber-terrorist group within Cathedral Software known as the Praetorians. Jack tries to steal the computer disk she has with her that contains the program permitting entry to other computer systems, displayed in the first scenes of the film, but she escapes. Angela then learns just what the Praetorians are capable of with the GateKeeper's backdoor. When she tries to re-enter the United States, Angela discovers that her identity has been changed by the hackers who are stalking her, and she is now listed as "Ruth Marx," a convicted prostitute with a string of drug offenses.

    Now a wanted felon, Angela goes on the run. As her life revolves almost exclusively around her work, and her mother (Diane Baker) suffers from Alzheimer's, she is unable to find anyone who can identify her. Finally, she contacts her former lover and psychiatrist (Dennis Miller), but he is also murdered as a result of the hackers' machinations.

    Desperate to escape the 'net,' Angela sneaks into the Cathedral office where the hacker is thought to be located. She identifies one of the hackers, the real Ruth Marx (Wendy Gazelle), now using Angela's identity, and contrives to uncover the master plan of the Praetorians, which is to install their own 'Gatekeeper' software into the mainframes of several government and military computer systems. Angela sets off the fire alarm and manages to copy all of the evidence of the hacker's plan onto a disk, just before the fake Angela makes it back to her desk.

    At a computer convention, she sends an e-mail to the FBI, revealing the hackers' plan. Jack and Ruth arrive at the computer station where Angela was working at. Jack hacks into the FBI mainframe and tells Angela that everything she did will be deleted by pressing the escape key. But what Jack didn't realize is that Angela inserted a disk containing a virus that will infect any system when the escape key is pressed. In doing so, he releases the virus into Cathedral's mainframe and all of the files are deleted. Angela escapes and she is chased by Jack and Ruth. Jack accidentally kills his partner and the real Angela ambushes Jack, knocking him off a catwalk and sending him to his death.

    Based on the evidence that she has sent the FBI, the leader of the hackers is arrested, and Angela gets her life back.
    ...more info
  • A great action movie...
    Sandra Bullock plays a computer analyst who works out of her home and doesn't know anyone. She lives a solitary life and had a boyfriend (Dennis Miller) but broke up with him. She is sent this disk that holds the secret for a program that can control computer systems and give the user full access. However the people who created it will stop at nothing to get it back. The plot is a little unrealistic. Since the Internet was in a fledgling stage when this movie was made its a little primitive. But the plot does well without it and the music is very good....more info
  • Paranoid Computer Intrigue With A Winning Performance By Sandra Bullock
    I'm a sucker for Sandra Bullock, and she's the reason why this thriller of paranoid business intrigue works as well as it does. The story line is simple. Angela Bennett (Bullock) is a computer expert who tests software. She's a genius at what she does. One day she comes across a disc which gets her into something called The Gatekeepers. It shouldn't have done so, and before long she becomes the object of a hired killer, her best friend dies in a hospital and she's on the run with her identity stolen. She doesn't know what's going on, but in self defense she starts cracking computer codes and discovering secrets. By the end of the movie she has narrowly escaped death more than once, helped a bad guy take a dive off a catwalk, managed to break into a high security area and copy some incriminating computer files and then bring down a murderous and resourceful computer security corporation and its millionaire owner.

    Bullock makes Angela Bennett an intriguing, resourceful and also probably lonely woman. As Jack Devlin (Jeremy Northam), an untrustworthy cad who bedded her once and then tried to kill her, says to her, "If you would just take a step back from all of this, you'd see that you and I are really not so different. We're both loners, we're both isolated, we're both really untrusting, we're both looking for the same...clarity."

    Bennett is a woman who is most comfortable having dinner by herself in front of her computers, preferably a delivered anchovy pizza and a cup of chocolate M&Ms. Angela finds her life and identity have been taken over by another woman. She no longer has a social security number. Her credit cards are no good. Her car has been reported as stolen. Her house has been put up for sale. She even finds her medical records now say she was treated for a venereal disease. Through it all, Angela refuses to give up.

    Why does this unlikely scenario work so well? Because Sandra Bullock in her films comes off as smart but not smart-alecky, as good-looking but without any preening self-awareness, as a woman who'd make a great life partner but also a great best friend, as a warm, humorous woman not afraid to look disheveled or, in other of her lighter movies, slightly ridiculous at times. She's a likable actress, and one of the few who have been able to open and sustain movies by herself.

    The Net is an unlikely thriller, but Bullock and Northam turn it into a good ride. The older DVD edition has a slightly soft transfer and no extras. The latest edition has a better picture and a commentary. ...more info
  • Just a little dated
    Speaking as a moderately geeky person married to an exceedingly geeky person, this movie both amused and perplexed.

    As a thriller it was fun: I liked the insight into a geeky person's life, the everything-online, the fascination with computers that might be allowed to threaten a person's first vacation for years. And I really like Sandra Bullock. It was interesting and moderately refreshing to see someone attractive cast as a die-hard computer programmer.

    But I know just enough to be annoyed by the computer special effects: the dumbing-down of shells and email and the silly little graphics. Those were the details which really did bring the movie down to a three star for me: I guess I'm just used to programming using Linux, and without the bells and whistles. It just clashed with the character to the extent where it jolted me out of the story.

    Beyond that, it's a fast-paced thriller with fewer groans of derision than usual, a story that might be plausible, and a lovely dramatic denouement which, of course, I will not reveal here.

    So, go for it. It's light entertainment, and as such, worth a look. ...more info
  • One of Sandy's BEST films!
    I love Sandra Bullock but some of her films are hit and miss with me. This is my favorite one so I wanted to write a brief review. I think she should take a break from comedies and do another really great suspense thriller like this. Sandra Bullock plays Angela Bennett and the film makes you go through the nightmare that she does if one day your identity was suddenly deleted. And let's face it, we are living in a time where technology is moving at such a rapid pace and everything is so easily accessible on the internet. All our information is stored in the computer and with a few clicks of the keys, you can become someone else. It's really scary to think about. And that is what happens to Angela after she stumbles upon a conspiracy involving a high-powered, rich CEO. Before she knows it, she's running for her life trying to prove to everyone who she really is while uncovering the truth. Angela is a smart, strong woman and you really feel her frustration at what is happening. You are rooting for her the entire way to win out in the end and for the bad guys to lose. I highly encourage people to check this film out. It may seem slightly dated, but still has a lot of merit about how dangerous computers can be if they fall into dangerous hands. You may also want to check out some other Sandra Bullock thrillers, Murder by Numbers and Premonition.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Film
    I, like most of the reviewers here, seem to find myself worrying about realism in computer movies. This movie was different. It didn't take long to find myself getting lost in the movie and forgetting about the technological 'failures'. Sandra was great at demonstrating the fear of someone getting into your files (as a manager at a comms firm, that IS a REAL fear!). The only bit that was REALLY over the top was the 'melting screen' when a virus is infecting a computer in the film but that will be for effect as there is really NO OTHER WAY that I can think of to suggest a virus to the non-computer people (and we all know QUITE how many of them there are!). All in all, a great film...more info
  • The tv-show was better
    I remember when I saw this movie the first time I loved it, but ever since I saw the tv-show, this movie isn't much...

    I wish they just would release the tv-show on DVD, so I could watch it again......more info

  • Sandra Bullock at her best!
    Granted, the technology has changed drastically since the mid 90's, however the stolen identity aspect of this suspense movie is still ever present. I love Sandra Bullock movies, and she really shines in this one. I've seen it at the movies when it first came out over a decade ago. I've seen in on TV several times since. It was finally time to get the DVD as they don't show it on cable often lately. The movie was released in the year that I was just getting really interested in computers, so watching the movie really "hit the spot" back then. I've never lost the interest even though many things have changed dramatically. If you are a Sandra Bullock fan, chances are you've already seen this gem. If not, you won't be disappointed in this oldie but goodie ;)...more info
  • Good Cyber Thriller
    This is a great cyber thriller and Sandra Bullock does an excellent job portraying a female computer geek. The directing, casting, sets, and music are first class. Those of us that are in the computer industry and those who are not will both enjoy it. I'm a Senior Engineer that has worked with computers for twenty plus years and I saw it when it was first released.

    When I first saw this movie, only one thing amused me, the Wolfenstein game, it's the movies only shortcoming. At the time the movie was released the game was old news and they carry on about how the game is state of the art. It didn't ring true with those of us that were on the bleeding edge of the gaming community. They should not have put the game in or came up with something that looked high tech since the game dates it. Perhaps snobbery, but true nonetheless.

    As I said before it was the only shortcoming. This movie is excellent and the mood is like a Hitchcockian or Grisham thriller. Well paced and it keeps you guessing what's next. The threat of identity theft and large computer companies failing because of faulty software today only shows how in that respect the movie was ahead of it's time. I never tire of watching it. The DVD quality is good, but unfortunately it does not include any extras. Still well worth buying a copy....more info
  • Pretty good...
    Though the incorrect interpretation of technology will no doubt annoy those in the know, the movie functions well as a suspense-thriller, technological or otherwise. Interesting is the expert direction shown where the movie becomes quite hopeless somewhere around the middle. After Dennis Miller's character dies, the movie becomes quiet and the pace slows. Bullock is arrested, no one believes her story, and after a well-done scene where she talks to her Alzheimer's-suffering mother on the phone in prison, the movie goes back to the thriller motif. It was after this bit that I became convinced that this is a really good movie. It's not trying to reinvent the wheel or deliver some message (though it apparently didn't hurt to pretend so in order to boost ticket sales), but it is interesting, has a good cast, and features a few nail-biting scenes that only a talented production could pull off....more info
  • Good Movie for the Computer Lover, and Wannabe Hacker!
    This movie is good, though at times boring, I have watched it at least 10 times, and love it. Great for computer lovers, even though "fake" at times still fun. Rent/buy it today! :?P...more info
  • Teckies who do not mind some unrealism in movies
    Though not as fascinating or intriguing as "Hackers", the Net is still a good hacker/cracker movie. For newbies at the internet, the show introduces some common net lingo like "IRL (In Real Life)". For netizens, the movie does highlight many security pitfalls like backdoors, sniffers and trapdoors despite being over simplistic as to how these security pitfalls can exist.

    On the whole, an enjoyable movie if you love techno-brain-ticklers, Sandra Bullock and Macs!...more info

  • Good for an old movie
    Reviewers dog this film because it is "outdated", but there's a very good reason for that. The movie is 11 years old. Think long and hard about technology in 1995. Many people were just discovering that the internet isn't only for geeks, yet hardly anyone was concerned with safety.

    The movie is as entertaining now as it was back then even if we now hear about viruses and identity theft just about every day. Is everything in the movie possible? Who cares? It's a movie, not a documentary....more info
  • the net
    the net is one of the most amazing movie's ever made. the net is all about computers, wich may not be so interesting, but the storyline( angela losing her identity)definitely is....more info
  • --Identity theft nightmare--
    Sandra Bullock gives an outstanding and believable performance in the role of Angela Bennett. In this film she plays the part of a solitary and lonely computer expert. An online hacker friend calls to tell her he's found an amazing disk and is sending it to her to check out. Unfortunately, he's killed in a plane crash before he can visit her. The disk turns out to have secret government information and is wanted by a terrorist group who plan the downfall of the U.S. government. Angela Bennett recognizes that the disk is something special and before she really realizes what she has, she finds that she's being stalked. What happens next is everyone's worst nightmare. Through the miracle of computers, the evil group steal Angela's identify and there are few people to vouch for her. The story quickly turns into a cyber thriller.

    She tries to get help, but she appears to have no friends and doesn't even know her own neighbors. Her mother (Diane Baker) is in an institution and is apparently suffering from Alzheimer's. Her former boyfriend, played by Dennis Miller does try to help her, but the forces of evil are difficult to hide from.

    Jeremy Northam delivers a spine tingling performance as the charming and mysterious Jack Devlin. A man you really want to trust, but should you?

    ...more info
  • Wow , The best Movie from Sandra B.
    What a wonderfull movie, what a suspens!!!! very good movie! 5 star movie. Sandra B. gave us a good performence in this movie. Excelente! Highly Recommended!!!!...more info