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Mission: Impossible
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  • Deserving of a Special Edition DVD treatment...
    Having just watched this film again, I was struck by how engaging it is. Sure, the plot machinations get hopelessly convoluted but I think that's kinda the point. Who cares about specific plot points when you've got Brian DePalma directing with his usual stylistic flourishes. True, he's a bit more tied down than with his usual fair (see Blow Out) but even DePalma on autopilot is pretty impressive.

    This film works much better than its sequel because it doesn't try to pad out the film with a useless romantic subplot. Ethan Hunt isn't a character that needs to be fleshed out and that's what makes the no-nonsense tone of MI1 so superior to MI2. Stylistically, Woo beats DePalma hands down but that's about it.

    The presence of actors like Jon Voight and Henry Czerny give the first MI an almost Tom Clancy-like feel -- especially in the vein of Hunt For Red October with all the espionage and technospeak.

    Also, the setting of Eastern Europe contributes a lot to the overall atmosphere of the film -- especially the opening sequence where Hunt's team is betrayed and killed off, one by one.

    There are some really solid set-pieces in the movie: the aforementioned mission gone wrong at the beginning, the now-famous nearly silent break-in at CIA Headquarters, and the infamous train/helicopter chase at the film's climax. Yeah, that last one was mucho implausible but it's still a lot of fun to watch.

    Most importantly, Mission: Impossible is an entertaining time waster with a lean script full of all sorts of twists and turns, a solid performance by Cruise and a great supporting cast that also includes the always reliable Ving Rhames and Jean Reno.

    Alas, this DVD is very bare bones with no extras to speak of. Thankfully, Paramount learned their lesson with the MI2 DVD but it would be nice if they revisited this first one and got DePalma to do an audio commentary, throw in some deleted scenes and a retrospective featurette or two. It's about time....more info

  • An Extraordinary Tom Cruise Vehicle From Start To Finish
    "This mission will self destruct in five seconds". That is a classic line in movie history that everyone should know. Mission Impossible is based on the popular TV series that spawned 7 seasons. This motion picture adaptation is a wonderful treat indeed, it includes espionage, action, suspense you name it this movie hits the nail on the spot. The only thing about the movie that..well isn't bad but troublesome is the plot which is quite confusing but then again that is what makes the film shine; so yeah if I where you I would give the movie a couple of multiple viewings in order to comprehend the film's plot.

    The movie's plot surrounds Tom Cruise' character of Ethan Hunt, IMF agent (Impossible Mission Force) Who looses his team of spies in a mission gone bad. It seems that there is a list known as the NOC list, which contains the names of all the agents working for the agency, if stolen or obtained by the wrong source it could jeopardize every agent in the force. So without ruining the movie it's all about Treason and it requires a lot of thinking and observation... In a way the viewer must behave as a spy in order to understand it and notice the tiniest important detail. So as I said it may require second viewing, in my case I had to watch it 4 times in order to understand it completely.

    The only thing that I found a bit silly is the last action sequence in the train; it feels out of place as if the movie out of nowhere changed genre from espionage to action. Also the film is kind of dated but it won't ruin the movie's plot which is phenomenal. Last thing make sure that when you buy it that it is the special collectors edition. I say this because of experience; the standard version is presented in a letterboxed format. Which means that if played on a plasma HD screen it will look horendous, due to the fact that it is not enhaced for 16:9 screens. If you have a regular 4:3 screens then I guess it's okay to buy the cheaper standard one, the special edition doesn't include many special features anyway. So yeah great movie, a bit confusing but phenomenal. Definitely a must have.

    ...more info
  • A fun spy espionage film
    Brian De Palma and Tome Cruise is a pretty good formula for a successful film. If you throw in the fact that it's a clasic TV show with Oscar caliber writers then you have a sure fire hit. Mission Impossible is that and is one of the better spy movies to have come out in recent years.

    Ethan Hunt(Cruise) is an IMF agent. He's good at what he does and likes it. He's on a mission in Prague led by his mentor and friend Jim Phelps(Voight). The mission goes all wrong and the whole team is murdered except for Ethan. He escapes death and goes to the CIA for help in Kittridge(Czerny).

    Kittridge quickly informs Ethan on how the misson was a whole set up to see who the mole in IMF was. Ethan takes the blame and is disenbowed. He is now on the run trying to find out who framed him and to see if he can stop them in time.

    Tom Cruise is a perfect fit for Ethan Hunt. I've seen a little bit of the classic spy show and Cruise is the man. I can't picture anybody else playing the character. This is a fun character for Cruise in what I feel is one of his more fun movies. He gets caught up in dramas and people really forget what kind of action star this guy is. You have to love a leading man that does his own stunts and Cruise work is incredible. The bullet trains sequence is awesome. The instant classic though is what he does in the vault supended from the rope on the pulley system. He had a lot of faith in this movie and the character and even helped produce the movie. Very few people in Hollywood get involved with a movie like Cruise and he is all over this one.

    This is a fun movie. This is what I wish "License to Kill" would have been like. It's fun and pretty unpredictable, though they do give you some none obvious clues to who the killer might really be. I knew all along but still enjoyed it. If you love Cruise you have to pick this one up. If you like spy movies you'll also get a kick out of it. This is a fun movie the whole family can enjoy, and you really won't want to miss this one....more info
  • Confusing, But Always Fun To Watch
    Despite the fact I got "lost" several times on the first two viewings, the film was so intriguining I had to keep viewing. It was fun to watch, regardless. After three viewings I finally figured it out! The point is: if you get a little confused trying to follow the plot, don't feel stupid. This isn't an easy story to follow but it gets high marks for keeping it interesting despite that problem.

    The interesting characters, good cinematography, fun James Bond-like gadgets, just the right amount of action scenes and one very memorable heist scene with Tom Cruise dangling from a wire all make this an enjoyable two hours of entertainment. That scene with Cruise trying to break into this vault-like room remains as the one of the better tension-filled scenes I've ever witnessed on the big screen.

    The final action scene with the speeding train and helicopter also is very memorable. John Voight, Emmanuelle Beart, Henry Czerny and Jean Reno make it a fun cast to watch, too.

    Now that it is available on a good Blu-Ray transfer, I may just buy this again and keep watching it for many more yeas. ...more info
  • Very good
    I had a VHS version before, but this one comes with some extra features. I am very satisfied....more info
  • de palma: cruise
    Brian De Palma's (Carrie; Scarface; The Untouchables) 1996 action film starring Tom Cruise and Jon Voight is a pretty good action film. Well, once you suspend all belief. But that is what this movie is about. Putting real life on hold and believing in the impossible, the fantastic. Cruise, an excellent dramatic actor, does a great job crossing over into an action star--even with the bad haircut. Lots of cool gadgets and interesting scenarios and that great Mission: Impossible theme. And it is great to see the intimidating Ving Rhames casted as a computer genius/geek. Inspired casting....more info
  • Your special edition, should you choose to accept it...
    Shot in Prague before it became synonymous with cheap labor and tax breaks for runaway productions, the initial signs were less than promising for Mission: Impossible - rumors of clashes between Cruise and Brian De Palma, the latter pointedly keeping a very low public profile when the film opened, last-minute heavy re-editing and the dropping of Alan Silvestri's original score (not, it has to be said, anywhere near as effective as Danny Elfman's replacement) - yet the result is a lot more fun than it has any real right to be. There's little relation to the original series aside from the title, Lalo Schifrin's theme music and an ill-done by Jim Phelps, here played by Jon Voight rather than Peter Graves - indeed, the original cast turned down offers of cameos in a film which kills off almost the entire Impossible Mission Force in the first twenty minutes so the star can hog the spotlight. But then, in those days Tom Cruise still sold more tickets than anyone else and the film raked it in - as they say in gangster movies, it's nothing personal, just business.

    Although it was apparently Emmanuelle Beart's role that bore the brunt of the pre-release cuts, Cruise is in more danger of being overshadowed by co-stars Ving Rhames and Jean Reno, neither of whom get as many close-ups but make up for it with much more unforced charisma and screen presence. The plot doesn't always make sense - there's really no reason to break into the CIA's headquarters in Langley to steal a real list of undercover agents' names to use as bait other than allowing the director to stage a Topkapi-inspired high-wire heist - but it just about serves to fill in the gaps between setpieces, including a neat sequence that's pure De Palma where one character's explanation of events is accompanied by visuals gradually piecing together what really happened and a doozey of an action sequence involving a helicopter in the Channel Tunnel that caused the Bond producers to drop their original storyboarded-but-unshot Channel Tunnel pre-title sequence from the script of GoldenEye as well as boasting a neat line in spectacularly breaking windows.

    No classic but an above-average Summer movie that holds up surprisingly well. Although an improvement over the bare-bones original DVD release, there's a distinct feeling that the reverential special features on the new special edition are there merely to reassure Cruise and his fans that he is indeed the most special and wonderful person in the world. ...more info
  • Too Much Letterbox
    I hardily agree with the majority of reviews that rate this move as 4 or 5 stars. It is action packed and suspensful, and all the actors do an excellent job. My only comment refers to the DVD edition and the letterbox treatment. It is just awful. It's a travisty that this film has to be seen on such a small scale. The black bars take up half the screen. This movie definately needs some special edition treatment. I'll be waiting......more info
  • Very satisfied customer
    I was amazed how quickly my DVD came and in such great condition. I highly would recommend going Amazon.Com.
    ...more info
  • almost cartoony but watchable
    I have the standard DVD which was good but the HD DVD is super;highly recommended.
    As for the movie,it is good but the main point is that it is one of those few movies which allows repeated watching without becoming boring.
    One of the reasons why it is so, is that it will make you go back to 'CIA break in' and wonder how they did it;being a SINGAPOREAN, I think they made it look too easy to infiltrate the CIA.
    Thanks...more info
  • Nifty Action Movie...But Not "Mission Impossible"
    Cruise & company have a good action movie going here. It has some some very good actors doing some good acting in it, it has some excellent cinematography, some jam-up stuntwork, some way cool CGI imagery, some really fine soundtrack work, and some snappy direction from a name brand director. As some reviewers below have noted, the tunnel train sequence is truly of the best "kiss your b--- goodbye" moments in recent action film history. A stunner.
    If Tom Cruise and his production company had called this movie something like...oh...."Deathwatch", or "Blowback", or some such and gone with it as an action-thriller spy movie about a special covert ops unit of the CIA, DIA, or military intelligence thrown into an emergency situation with a traitor in their midst, I, myself, and undoubtedly a lot of others, would have been fine with it. Most likely I'd have given this film a five-star review.
    I didn't do that because what Cruise & Company elected to do was to appropriate the rights to the old, dearly-loved "Mission Impossible" spy series---most likely because they thought the jazzy, iconic Lalo Shifrin theme music was "cool as h---" and because the preposterous idea of latex facial makeups that one could peel off in an instant on the run looked too hard to resist
    as a fun plot gimmick.
    If those elements were all that truly composed Mission Impossible then this new version should have been piece of cake acceptancewise with the public. But it hasn't been, for the same reason some of these other movie adaptations of popular tv shows haven't been....because there is an arrogance in Hollywood that relates to televison vs. "CINEMA". The Hollywood attitude is one of "We know how to do these things better than you do, tv, so stand aside and let us show you how". Recent duds like "The Avengers" and "The Wild Wild West" show us clearly that Hollywood does NOT know how to do it "better' than television. They just know how to do it bigger, flashier, and smarmier. Content-wise, classic tv usually comes out miles ahead.
    An earlier reviewer of this film here at Amazon, Barry Chow, hit the nail on the head when he said this Cruise version betrays its heritage. That's exactly what it does. Mission Impossible (and its team) was about stealth and guile; about putting one over on somebody and leaving them none the wiser until it was too late. It was a CAPER concept, closer in intent to "The Sting" than to "True Lies". In fact that is what each of the IM Force's missions WERE..."Stings"....not Detonation Derbys. Cruise & Company seem to have forgotten this...or never understood it in the first place. And the power of the real "MI" was that it was, at heart, an ENSEMBLE show (like "Friends" on t.v., or "E.R."), with the TEAM pulling the scams on their target victims. A "team" is vaguely depicted in this Cruise version, but music Ethan Hunt's "side men". The thrust of this story's interaction is actually Ethan Hunt, Secret Agent, vs. the "Mysterious Traitor".

    And it is the identity of this sleazy, ruthless,double-dealing scumbucket of a traitor that is at the root of all the "boomer' backlash against this movie. And most justifiably so. They have made him Jim Phelps. And to all Americans everywhere who "grew up with Jim Phelps", this little plot device is utterly outrageous. Beyond the pale. A lot of the

    "gen X" and younger crowd truly DON'T understand why this movie ticks so many people off. It's because a popular "hero" figure to a couple of generations of Americans has been turned...for the sake of 'edginess"...into an odious sleazeball. and that doesn't sit well with a lot of people...AT ALL. If you don't understand the annoyance, try this...try waiting ten or fifteen years down the road and then buying your ticket to see the movie version of "Friends", where you'll find that Ross is a serial killer, Rachel is a cannibal, and Joey a Nazi transvestite. And when you get mad because you know full well that this is NOT who these people are and NOT what they're about then maybe you'll start getting a glimmer of why this review only deals Tom Cruise 3 stars instead of 5....more info

  • Mission: Impossible (1996)
    Director: Brian De Palma
    Cast: Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Emmanuelle Beart, Emilio Estevez, Vanessa Redgrave, Harry Czerny, Ving Rhames, Jean Reno.
    Running Time: 110 minutes.
    Rated PG-13 for violence and some language.

    Based on the popular 1960's television series, this Brian De Palma ("Carrie", "Scarface") production possesses all of the qualities of a fun, top-of-the-line action flick--only to see it slightly crumble due to a storyline that is extremely tough to follow. Tom Cruise stars as the slick covert agent Ethan Hunt, who has been assigned with a crack team of American undercover agents to set up operations in Prague to catch a double agent (Jon Voight) in the act.

    There are many scenes that are very exciting, especially the chase scene on the train finale; however, De Palma does not expand on a script that assumes the audience knows all of the technological and spy jargon, leaving us loving the action but lost in the wind. Cruise is only fairly adequate as Hunt, not given the chance to expand his character. Excellent special effects, a riveting, catchy musical score, and some fine supporting roles from Voight, Emmanuelle Beart, and Ving Rhames. A good action movie, but nothing more. Luckily director John Woo stepped in as director the second film, creating a rough-and tough, out of this world sequel that surpasses the original....more info

  • Even better on Blu-ray
    I always liked the first theatrical installment of Mission: Impossible with Tom Cruise. However, now that I can view at home on my Blu-ray disc player and HDTV, it's even better!

    I had previously purchased Mission: Impossible 3 (my favorite) on regular DVD. But after seeing what the first one looked liked, I started thinking "I need to get number 3 on Blu-ray, too!"

    The picture is astounding, along with the sound. The detail crisp and clear. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Mission: Attention Deficit Disorder
    This movie exposes so much of what is wrong with American cinema. It betrays its heritage, confuses action for suspense, substitutes plot twists for intelligence, worships formula, and takes cynical manipulation of its audience to new heights.

    Its worst crime is its betrayal of its heritage. The original TV series embodied something rare in Hollywood: the recognition that a team is more than just the sum of its components. There were no 'stars' in the original TV production because the ascendancy of any one character would have destroyed the concept of teamwork that defined the very essence of the series. The only other production to understand this concept so clearly--and not coincidentally, to achieve similar success and staying power--is the ensemble drama "Law and Order".

    This movie not only ignores that central fact, but takes malicious delight in destroying it. Its 'star' is so narcissistic and egocentric that he bought the rights to a series about teamwork and corrupted it into a one-man vanity show.

    I actually looked forward to seeing this movie when it was initially released. I had remembered the series with fondness and had hoped for a rebirth of its ideas. Stupid me. I don't know if I was more foolish expecting humility from Tom Cruise or scruples from Hollywood.

    The brutishness of this movie is almost as bad as its betrayal. The TV series was about not just teamwork, but finesse. Characters as often conned their way into restricted areas or out of trouble as made use of stunts and fancy gadgets. This was what the masks were all about. But in this movie, it's all about acrobatics and toys. There are so many stunts and gadgets (and so little else) that the movie becomes nothing more than a spitting contest between itself and the James Bond franchise.

    This movie is a betrayal of trust. (...)...more info

  • An impressive HD-DVD outing from Paramount for a decent movie
    The Mission: Impossible television series was very much over my head when I was a kid. I wasn't even born yet when the first run (1966-73) ended, and I was 13 when the revival (1988-1990) began. Nevertheless, I knew the format and liked the teamwork concept enough that I was somewhat disappointed in the focus on just one agent, Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, in the film series, especially when thinking about how much cooler things would have been if the whole of the movies expanded on the teamwork shown in the opening scene of the first movie.

    Having said that, the first movie is still a blast to watch if you can get past the somewhat convoluted storyline and the whole "Tom Cruise and his merry men" feel. With all the high-tech gadgetry and the explosive action sequences, it feels a lot more "James Bond" than "Jim Phelps" which in the end probably was the reason why the film and its sequels were such a hit with action-addicted moviegoers of modern times.

    In any case, this is a review of the HD-DVD edition of the movie, so I should probably say something about the quality of said edition. The movie looks pretty good considering the print is from the mid-90s. There's a good amount of detail to be seen in most scenes of the movie but the color tone looks a bit warm (i.e. flesh looks like there's a bit too much red hue). It's not a reference disc by any means but the picture is quite good in general.

    I'm not a big audio person so I can't really say much about that aspect of the movie.

    Overall, the movie is not a bad one to have in your high-definition library, especially if you enjoyed the film or are just a fan of Tom Cruise in general. It fits the "popcorn summer blockbuster" bill perfectly and is enjoyable for anyone but the most picky viewer....more info
  • The Best Missiion Impossible
    I have always loved this movie and wanted it for my collection. My feelings are the first movie made is always the best. I am very pleased with this movie every time I watch it. ...more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 2.75/5 Sound Quality: 3.25/5 Extras: 3.5/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region Free
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    MPEG-2 BD-25
    Running time: 1:50:12
    Movie size: 19,73 GB
    Disc size: 23,17 GB
    Average video bit rate: 20.63 Mbps
    DD AC3 5.1 640Kbps English / French / Spanish
    Subtitles: English SDH, English, French, Spanish

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  • why all the bad review?
    Mission: Impossible is one of the rare-good spy movies out there. In almost every way, it surpasses M:I-2 in terms of story, suspense, and acting. This movie proves a spy movie doesn't need a lot of action to be good.
    As the movie starts, agent Ethan Hunt and his team start on a normal mission, when it starts to go terribly wrong. One by one, his team is killed, and he must find out who killed his team and who set him up. My personal favorite scene is when Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) blows up the fish tank.

    critics are ass-heads...more info

    Finally the version we have been waiting for. All the DVD versions were really poor transfers. There is much to be said about the screwy screen version of super TV series.
    However my focus is mainly on the quality of the Blu Ray transfer which is quite good. The picture is crisp and sound is excellent . Some cool special features, wish they had the music video for the film. Overall a good buy if you want to see how Blu Ray works on old movies. ...more info
  • Good action movie
    Its really a collectors edition. All the 1st part of the movie series are the best, like wise..........

    ...more info
  • Thrilling, but somewhat confusing at first watch
    This film is a mixture of suspence/action and mystery. It can get a bit complicated so I really recommend a 2nd viewing to catch everything. Though this came out a while ago, the movie doesn't feel dated. And the action scenes are just as great as they were when this film first came out. Especially the wire act. Really tense stuff. Tom Cruise really carries this film, he's very spot on and engaging in this. Its a great role for him. All in all, a real solid film. ...more info
  • the First Mission to get crazy!!
    A great vision of the old versions, comes with a tom cruise, that hardly move the face but the act is very good....more info