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Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Expansion
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Product Description

Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) is a computer role-playing game set in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms, one of the popular campaign settings of Dungeons and Dragons. It takes the player from the tiniest of villages into a sweeping tale of danger and war, chronicling their rise from a peasant to a full-fledged hero of the Realms, defending it against one of the greatest threats of the age. Build a character that suits your style of play - good or evil, chaotic or lawful, with any number of skills, feats and professions available at the click of a button. Whether lobbing fireballs and researching forgotten spells as a powerful Wizard, hacking a trail through legions of orcs as a Fighter armed only with a battle axe and your courage, or taking on the role of a Rogue that can slip into the shadows at a moment's notice, the choice is yours. Choose your alignment, your allies, your companions, and how you want your character to develop... design the character you want, role-play the way you want, and carry the battle to the enemy.

Customer Reviews:

  • Average Expanshion
    This Expansion builds up an interesting story line, but saddly Bioware spends too much time developing new content for better game imergance then making interesting npc characters and story driven "epic" events....more info
  • Its OK.
    It's a solid game but somewhat lacks in plot. In addition, I was able to get all the way to the end as Level 14, then was killed by the big boss easily. Scaling of the encounters would do a lot to help this......more info
  • Not for Everyone, but Just Right for Some!
    There are some of us out there who have been waiting for a game like this - a game where you can exercise the full power of the D&D rule set to create almost your whole party yourself (or your whole party, with a little modding...), like in the old Inifinity Engine days of Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. If you, like me, are one of these people, this game will be just what you've been waiting for. Not perfect, but VERY enjoyble, with a huge amount of party cusotmization and plenty of new and interesting areas to explore with your new custom-made party.

    Some people seem to have approached this expansion expecting an in-depth, linear storyline with lots of choices and consequences. That is not the direction that Obsidian decided to take with this particular expansion. See the original campaign and the first expansion, Mask of the Betrayer, if you want that kind of game. Storm of Zehir is for those who love party building and pure adventure, even without much story.

    The game does have its flaws, even for fans of the genre like me. It's true that the main storyline is painfully short, so you should concentrate on side-quests. If you try to do EVERYTHING, like me, then you will find plenty to keep you interested for hours on end. This consists mostly of exploring the World Map, in which your skills enable you to detect new encounters and locations to explore. You can use the skills of your whole party on the map, as well as in conversations, which is a big upgrade many players have been waiting for in an RPG like this. Have a character with high Diplomacy and another with high Bluff, and you don't know which one to make talk? No problem in SoZ, because you can switch characters on the fly to which ever one has the right skill!

    It's the little things like this that make SoZ such a great game, in my opinion. I can sit and play it over and over again just for the joy of crafting a party with the extremely fleshed-out D&D system now avialable in NWN2 (there are so many choices you could never get bored making characters, even if some of the faces are really ugly...) and customizing and adventuring with them. I hope I've convinced you to consider trying this expansion, because I hope they make more like this in the future!...more info
  • Good tools, but how will they be used?
    Historically, Neverwinter Nights expansion packs are designed to enhance the single player experience. The original Neverwinter Nights shipped with a fairly mediocre single-player campaign, but then got two expansion packs with better single player campaigns. Similarly, Neverwinter Nights 2's first expansion pack was Mask of the Betrayer, which has one of the best single-player RPG stories out there. Storm of Zehir, the second expansion pack to Neverwinter Nights 2, bucks that trend by focusing on the toolset rather than the campaign. While it does include a single-player campaign, the real draw of this expansion pack is the innovative new uses for the game engine.

    Like other expansion packs, Storm of Zehir does include a campaign with about 20-25 gameplay hours. The campaign itself is entertaining but never great, focusing more on travel, random encounters, and "FedEx" missions. There are no dialgue-based cut scenes like in previous adventures, and the missions are usually some variety of "go there, kill/retrieve that." It's an okay adventure - the type you might find for free through the Neverwinter Nights 2 community but certainly not the high quality that Obsidian has done in the past.

    The real draw of Storm of Zehir is the toolset modifications. The game pushes the Neverwinter Nights 2 engine in a lot of new directions. You can now create a full party of four characters and have each of them interject their own banter in conversations with NPCs. The biggest modification is the overland map, which allows you to travel the world like an old-school RPG, dodging enemies and finding treasures as you explore the map. All of these are great tools for modders, but that's not enough to get me to increase the rating for this expansion pack. At the moment, Storm of Zehir has a lot of potential. It could revolutionize Neverwinter Nights 2 and extend the game's life for years, but it all depends on how the community uses these tools. Obsidian has provided the framework for the community to tell some great stories. Where it goes from there is up to the users....more info
  • Trade, Overland Map... Very Bad!!!
    I have loved the previous games but find this one very, very boring!!! I hate the overworld map and all the merchantile carp!!! They have runed Neverwwnter Nights!!! If I wanted to play the crapy Sin City or one of the boring mulit player online games I would play them! I really wanted to love this game, but I can't even continue to paly it. I guess it is back Oblivion....more info
  • ray's
    I'm a big single person rpg fan. But the engine is showing its age. When you can't get past a plot point without spending hours randomly trying random options, it becomes just not worth the effort....more info
  • Storm of Zehir Disappointing
    After playing the great NWN2 and Mask of the Betrayer, this game was a big let-down! The storyline sucks, the overland map is annoying and boring, and the voice acting is horrible. I had problems with the camera angles as well. The trading aspect is utterly ridiculous and boring and there is hardly any interaction with your cohorts. I got so bored I couldn't finish the game. It would be nice to explore a bit without constantly running into the dumb battles which take you to the overland map which involves long loading times. Don't waste your money and time on this; it's nothing near as good as NWN2 and MOTB. Hope they go back to the old format for the next games....more info
  • Christmas Present for Husband
    I bought this game for my DH for Christmas. He has already played it twice, so I think it is a hit.

    This is an expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights 2. My husband has played all of the NWN, starting with the first game. He is a real big fan.

    He did tell me that the first time he played, he used one of the characters from his previous game. That gave him too much of an advantage. When you can easily beat everyone in your path, it's not much fun. He than started over with a new character and had a lot more fun.

    For fans of NWN, this is a fun new expansion for NWN2, which you must have in order to play this. ...more info
  • A much needed improvement to the series.
    Neverwinter Nights 2 was pretty good, Mask of the Betrayer had some very nice dialog between characters as well as famed voice actors Crispin Freeman and Steven Jay Blum, but it's story was pretty linear.

    SoZ doesn't have the same depth that Mask did, but it definitely isn't linear! I haven't beaten the game yet but I've enjoyed it a lot so far, while there are some areas I wish they had gone a little further with I think it's a great improvement to the series overall, I am hoping that the next installment, be it expansion or whole new game, mixes Storm's overall style with Mask's deep and gripping story and character interactions.

    If you've already purchased Neverwinter Nights 2 and the first expansion and enjoyed them at all, then you should enjoy this expansion as well....more info
  • Video games do not cure cancer.
    After seeing yet another good game ripped on by basement dwellers with insane expectations, I feel compelled to defend Storm of Zehir. The weak spots include few new classes, (though the Swashbuckler is pretty interesting) some modest, standard oversights/glitches, (biggest issue: buffs don't last between combat and the overland map. Potentially just changes the flavor of the fighting, but I think it'd better off fixed) and a campaign that leans on the short side.

    The well done aspects of the game, however, easily overshadow a few flaws. The new party system finally allows one to build a party of hand-made PCs, which was badly past due in NWN 2. (BTW: do a little digging online to find an easy way to expand your hand-made party to six instead of four. YAY!) The new conversation system allows characters other than the party leader to respond to dialog. Finally, your Rogue in the back can mouth off to the bad guy with the inflated sense of self-importance using Taunt before the stabbings begin. The overland map is a great addition, allowing the player a lot more input on who to fight and when, as well as offering countless uses for skills such as Listen, Spot, Survival, Search, Hide, etc. Battles are finally tough enough to matter, even to the point where I actually (*gasp*) didn't succeed every time. VIDEO GAMES ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A WINNER. :'(

    The voice acting didn't hurt my ears for once. The world is well made with a lot of character. The streamlined town system allows you to do what you need to do without waiting through a thousand load screens and prancing through filler areas looking for the damn blacksmith. Some of the areas are nothing short of stunning graphic-wise, and the hidden stuff makes wandering around the countryside worth the trouble.

    The biggest "problem" Storm of Zehir has is that NWN 2 is so huge, versatile, and well made that the expectations among many of its fans are absurd. Back in the real world, it's a very good expansion that is merely an enjoyable way to kill time instead of capable of curing cancer....more info
  • Hard core fans will love it
    For those who thought Neverwinter Nights had will be pleasantly surprised. This is the second expansion in the NWN series. There aren't many changes but it does get you back playing the game. As the world recovers from the damages of the last campaign, a sect arises that worships the god Zehir. You start on a boat with a massive storm approaching...which is always a good way to start a quest...but most hardcore fans will see what's coming a mile away. Once the ship wrecks it is up to you and your mates to navigate this new land with lengthy quests that will help make a name for you and your crew.

    One of the biggest changes is your ability to fully customize every aspect of your party...they do include pre made designs...but trust me, take the time and build the party you want. But the most talked about addition is the 3-d map (overland map) that you use to move from point-to-point. It also shows you the location of all the enemies, allowing the user to decide whether to avoid confrontations...or to attack with swords blazing. Long time fans will also be introduced to two new races and three new classes.

    Another less significant addition is the trading system, this is the users' commerce, but it is really lack luster in Storm of Zehir...which you'll find yourself avoiding whenever possible. The graphics haven't improved much, but the sound is top does an excellent job conveying the emotions and scenes of the game. Despite the short comings this is a good addition to the Neverwinter Night series that gives you plenty to explore and plunder. Over all there is plenty to justify the second expansion and fans of the series will find themselves in similar places as they begin playing again. ...more info
  • Great game
    This is a great game. I loved the original and the expansion is just as good....more info