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The Temptation of the Night Jasmine
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As British spy Robert, duke of Dovedale, prepares to avenge a murder, he's waylaid by the affections of starry-eyed Charlotte, who's doing a little spying of her own. With a national tour.The much anticipated fifth installment in the inventive and original Pink Carnation series "Pride and Prejudice lives on" in Lauren Willig's acclaimed Pink Carnation series, which continues with another deliciously lighthearted, romantic, and suspenseful novel. Willig introduces to her series the most elusive spy of all time, whose calling card is the faint whiff of jasmine in the cold night air. After twelve years in India, Robert, duke of Dovedale, returns to his estate in England to avenge the murder of his mentor during the 1803 Battle of Assaye. Robert plans to infiltrate the infamous, secretive Hellfire Club to uncover the murderer's identity-- but he has no idea that an even more difficult challenge awaits him--one Lady Charlotte Lansdowne. Having cherished a romanticized view of Robert since childhood, Charlotte is thrilled by his return. To Charlotte, Robert is all the knights of the Round Table rolled into one. That's not exactly the case, but she can't help but search for the man she loves inside this less-than-pristine package. And while Robert works to dissuade Charlotte from her delusions, he can't help but be drawn to her innocence and inner beauty. When Charlotte is approached by Lady Henrietta Selwick to join her in a bit of espionage--investigating a plot to kidnap the king--Robert soon realizes that Charlotte is not only the perfect partner in crime; she's the perfect partner, period. Caught in a dangerous game with deadly flower-named spies and secret members of the Hellfire Club, Robert and Charlotte must work together to reveal the villain...and confront their true passion for each other.

Customer Reviews:

  • Another Disappointment
    After reading this novel, I'm not sure if Ms. Willig thinks she is writing for virginal teenagers, or what. These characters have absolutely NO CHEMISTRY (sensual or otherwise) whatsoever. There are a couple of chaste kissing scenes between them (chaste even by Willig's previous writings), but that's it. Seriously. The hero, Robert, goes off to India, and aparently comes back as a unicorn-hunting, emotionally-conflicted idiot who would rather lie to Charlotte than admit he'd come back seeking to right a wrong done to a former mentor. He woos her, then pushes her away, realizes he's wrong, tries to woo her back, she protests, he gives her some raspberry tarts, and now everything's good again. Blah! And don't get me started on the story of Eloise and Colin. Or should I say the lack of a story of Eloise and Colin. Honestly, I've re-read the few scenes Ms. Willig had written about them at least twice, and I'm still not sure if they've been intimate. I just can't tell. After reading the Seduction of the Crimson Rose and the Temptation of the Night Jasmine, I am seriously considering giving up on the Pink Carnation series altogether. And that would be a shame since I know that Ms. Willig is a much better writer than the sum of these two books....more info
  • Just started it and missing expected narrator - Kate Reading!
    After reading (listening) to the prior 4 in the series (I have a very long commute and so the audios fit the bill), I was looking quite forward to this one. I've only just begun it, but I'm sorry to say I was rather disappointed by the change of narrator from beloved Kate Reading (or Jennifer Mendenhall, as it may be) to this new one of Justine Eyre. I was not familiar with her prior but I see that she has won an award for another reading. Ms. Eyre has a perfectly lovely voice, if maybe a bit affected on the side of contrived sexiness. I was thinking she must be Irish given the seemingly unintended accent slipping in, so perhaps that she's from Nova Scotia makes sense.

    Yes I realize that this disappointment, in the scheme of things, is highly inconsequential but, then again, it's a review on Amazon. And yes, I might be simply so spoiled by Ms. Reading's expertly done work in narrating the first four, that I don't want to give her up, but it just feels as though the new voice is too 'cutesy' (and nasally) to do the characters justice - aside from the fact that I'm having a hard time telling them apart. One final note of complaint is that I was stunned to hear "Collin" pronounce "Eloise's" name 'Elwahz' as though he were French. In general, most of the British people I know do not go out of their way to pronounce a French word as the French would, but as an English-speaking person would. For a British character to do so with a word (or name) that is rarely pronounced in the French way would be HIGHLY unlikely (I would think). It's quite distracting, and makes one realize that if one were ever to take on the narration of the fifth (or even second) book in a series, that it might be a very good idea to listen to one done prior - for consistency's sake. Having said that I wish Ms. Eyre well. She is quite pretty and seems to be fairly accomplished - I'm sure she'll do well. But PLEASE, if there is a another novel, bring back Kate Reading!!

    Also, I apologize for commenting only on the narrator and not yet on the novel itself. If I am able to get through it, I will review it later on. (This may be one for 'actual' reading once I figure out how to get that elusive vacation.) I can say though, that each of the first four books has been very well done and, in my limited experience of this genre, very entertaining.. Thanks to Ms. Willig for making such fun commutes! ...more info
  • Where is Kate Reading?
    Willig spins her usual erudite and fascinating tale about the modern day romance of Eloise (history doctoral candidate) and Colin (modern scion of a noble family) with the Napoleonic Wars era romance of Lady Charlotte and her cousin Robert, the duke. Mystery and suspense, spies and rakes abound. The story is great but the problem with this audio book is that instead of Kate Reading doing the narration and voice characterizations -- one of the finest audio book performers working today and whose voice is the perfect embodiment of the characters in all the previous Willig audio books -- we have a new performer who can't even pronounce Eloise's name correctly (giving it a faux French pronunciation that is simply ludicrous). Honestly, I feel the publisher should recall every copy....more info
  • Good story, unfortunate choice for reader
    Having listenened to the other titles in this series, and throughly enjoyed them, I was disappointed in this one. The reader just did not do as good a job as Kate Reading. Kate was much more adept at differentiating between various characters, both male and female. Also, this reader pronounced the main characters' name, Eloise, as "El-Waz". Doesn't someone oversee these things? I should think someone would have said "let's not do that, it will be very distracting for the readers as they've become used to hearing this character called Eloise". I hope the series continues, but I sincerely hope they go back to Kate as the narrator for the next one....more info
  • Disappointed this time around
    I was underwhelmed by this book in the series. I loved the growth of Charlotte through the book and her realizations about love and marriage but the rest of the book just never clicked. I never got swept up by Robert or the intrigue of this book's spies and mysteries. I wanted to but it never happened. Eloise and Colin were a bit of a disappointment as well. The author tries to throw a stumbling block their way but it wasn't convincing in the least. I wanted to be swept away by this book but it never happened for me. I'll most likely read the next (if there is one) but I may get it from the library rather than buy it....more info
  • Great addition to the series
    This addition to the Pink Carnation series is absolutely wonderful. A definite step up from Crimson Rose, in which I found the characters rather aggravating. Charlotte is charming in Night Jasmine. I felt like I could relate to her very easily, and the re-emergence of Henrietta adds some humor to the story. And Robert was very endearing. The romance is much subtler in this latest addition, and in my opinion, more genuine. Also, as the series go own, I find myself more and more in love Eloise and Colin. It's so frustrating sometimes that they have so few chapters dedicated to them. I wish they would get their own book in the future....more info
  • Not very romantic romance
    I've read all the books in the Pink Carnation series and found the last two really lacking. This one had absolutely no sexual tension and the "romance" was really missing between Charlotte and her beau. THe story was fun and well-written as usual, but the end was really a let down. Also, the set up in the Eloise/Colin storyline from the last book really left me wanting more, and I was very disappointed by the progress there. It felt like we missed out on big milestones between those two, and Willig really glossed over the romance there as well. The first two books were great, and Willig needs to get back into that groove. ...more info
  • The Most Charming Flower Yet
    Inevitably in any popular series, sooner or later the writing gets stale - character arcs become unbelievable, plots are rehashed, or the reader can simply feel the writer's own weariness for the once beloved storylines. Not so for Lauren Willig! If anything, The Temptation of the Night Jasmine is the strongest book in the Pink Carnation series so far.

    Framed once again by the research and relationship trials of graduate student Eloise Kelly, the Night Jasmine opens after Eloise and her new-beau Colin have been together for three months. A week-long romantic getaway to Colin's home in Surrey, not to mention his library's inexhaustible cache of historical archives, leads Eloise to a new discovery in her study of the aristocratic spy, the Pink Carnation - a plot involving french spies (naturally), betrayal of a king, and the infamous Hellfire Club.

    Enter Lady Charlotte Lansdowne and Robert, the Duke of Dovedale, the real stars of this Carnation installment. Robert, newly home from a decade long stint in India, is on the trail of his mentor's murderer, but is unprepared for both the attraction he feels for the bookish Charlotte (a very, very distant cousin) and the real forces at work in his friend's death.

    Like the other Pink Carnation books, the mystery here is well plotted out and the excitement high enough to keep the pages flying well into the night. The true strength lies within the romance of Robert & Charlotte, however. Both characters show very strong growth over the course of the book: Charlotte must deal with her realization that real life is not quite how it is in books (which can be a good a thing), and Robert has to grapple with not only his dubious past, but that of his father. As you would expect, a happy ending lies in wait for these two, but not without a few bumps along the way. Even more so than past books, the reader will truly find herself rooting for these two.

    So, the verdict - if you loved the previous Carnation books, definitely pick up The Temptation of the Night Jasmine! You won't regret it. If you're new to the series,I recommend starting at the beginning (with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation) so you'll be fully in the loop when secondary characters appear, as well as up to speed on the framing romance of Colin & Eloise. Happy reading!...more info
  • A lovely romp
    A lovely continuation of the Pink Carnation series. I find these books light and easy to read. Clever and witty dialogue keep the story moving. Sometimes a bit fluffy and obvious but fun nonetheless. I can't put them down. The Temptation of the Night Jasmine was no exception. ...more info
  • fine Pink Carnation thriller
    After spending over a decade in India, Robert Lansdowne returns home to Sussex in 1803 to invesitgate the murder of his mentor at the Battle of Assaye. The duke's plan is simple; he will go undercover by joining the notorious Hellfire Club where he thinks he can begin to track down the killer, espionage agent Arthur Wrothan.

    However, Robert failed to consider one problem with his perfect plot. His cousin a zillion times removed Lady Charlotte Lansdowne has made him the hero of her romantic dreams that she reads in the novels. He was there when she became an orphaned child and she wants him there as her beloved husband. In spite of kisses that inflame his desire, Robert begins his quest only to have Charlotte join him over his objection and together they get embroiled in a seditious anti royal scheme.

    As with the previous Pink Carnation tales Harvard graduate student Eloise Kelly doing her research uncovers the latest account of a Napoleonic Era female spy while having a romantic interlude with host executor Colin Selwick. Though this reviewer has found Eloise's modern day piece unnecessary but well written, fans will see how far she has come from Massachusetts (see THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE PINK CARNATION). However, the tale belongs to Charlotte as her adventures in espionage and in love are not anywhere near the romantic images she has of both. Fans will enjoy this fine historical undercover romance even without a flowery title (see THE MASQUE OF THE BLACK TULIP, THE SEDUCTION OF THE CRIMSON ROSE and THE DECEPTION OF THE EMERALD RING) as the real human Robert falls off the pedestal in the eyes of his spying associate even as their love blossoms.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • Temptation is the best so far, not so fond of reader
    I adore the Carnation series by Lauren Willeg, especially in Audio Book format, but I really missed Kate Reading for Temptation. With all respect to Justine Eyre who is bravely stepping into a series already in progrss (her Charlotte is spot-on), she just doesn't compare. I would have been more tolerant of the change if she hadn't mispronounced Eloise as EloWHAZ. Gasp.

    Wonderful story. One of the best of the series. The audio version was not my favourite. ...more info
  • Regency espionage
    The Temptation of the Night Jasmine is the fifth book in the "Pink Carnation" series by Lauren Willig. The books are all great! Anyone who is a fan of regency romances and The Scarlet Pimpernal will love these books. They focus on the family papers of a Regency era British spy and his cronies. All are code named after flowers-the Scarlet Pimernal, the Purple Gentian, etc. The books flash between the present and the past and both storylines are interesting. To get maximum enjoyment out of these books, read them in order, starting with the Pink Carnation. You won't be sorry!...more info
  • a fun read
    I have been reading the Pink Carnation books as soon as they come out and have loved every one of them but found this one to be a bit off the mark. I did not feel that the characters were as well developed as in the other books but it was an enjoyable read over all and one that I would recommend to others....more info
  • Warning for Pink Carnation Lovers
    This book (unlike the first three) has absolutely NO sexual tension. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the treatment of Lord Vaughn (in the 4th installment), and I have to say that this novel is far more tame. While the story is entertaining, don't be surprised if the romance doesn't hold your interest the way it did in "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation." ...more info
  • Thrilled
    After waiting several months for the release of " The Temptation of the Night Jasmine" I couldn't believe that the local stores were all sold out (the recorded CD version) so I checked on the internet and found that not only carried exactly what I wanted but had the best price, compared to two other e-venders. Then it was delivered promptly for my enjoyment. I love this new age of shopping....more info
  • A good edition to the series
    I will admit that I am a big fan of the Pink carnation series. I thought this one was perhaps a little bit heavy on the romance and light on the espionage, but it was still a good story. Although, I did miss Jane. There was not even a whisper as to her whereabouts. Overall, I would say this is a satisfying read, but not the best book in the series....more info
  • Another Terrific REad
    Lauren's writing gets better and better, and she's always been good. The latest in the Pink Carnation series can certainly stand alone, but you are in for a real treat if you have yet to read the other books. She also has a wonderful web site, to help her fans get through the waiting period between books. ...more info